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Supply blowout Apartments
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Comment】 【agencies Week Co-founder of real estate agencies Xu Xiaofang As co-founder of real estate agencies, developers at the end of December was washed off the last month, the supply will usher in the peak of the second week of December (6-12 days), Hangzhou reproduce the phenomenon of concentrated market, total housing market 1550 housing units, of which 550 residential units, 1,000 sets of apartments products; volume impact in the supply, but also to maintain a high level of total turnover last week, the main city of Hangzhou, 788 residential units, with basically the same as the previous week 12 months of continuous weekly trading volume of 700 sets of two weeks or more. Suite 1550 listing last week, sources, mainly in the four properties on the East field were Starbridge Sorrento, Shimao Riverside Garden Xiasha cosmo, the Indus River and Sandun Lu Yan in the sea * Wisteria Court; Shimao Riverside Garden cosmo except for the small area apartments products, the other three cities are major residential real estate. In addition to focus on the last stage of the mainstream residential market, the hotel-style apartment explosion in the supply situation, into December, the main city of Hangzhou, there are two products of flats apartments, respectively, and Graceland Sandun Shimao Sequoia River Sea Garden cosmo, in particular, Shimao Riverside Garden cosmo, 11 月 1000 launched the opening set, the larger the amount listed. In December there will be introduction of Han Feng and other real estate apartments housing. After a period of years supply of vacant apartments listed products are also welcomed the end of the peak. Apartments currently refined decoration products to the state of basic market, with the average residential customer oriented to their own homes is different, and its low price and convenient both refined decoration both of investment and owner-occupied properties, has attracted some foreign investors, customers and local youth groups, 11 of Shimao Riverside cosmo12 opened, property rights for 40 years, the major units of 38-99 square meters, the average price of 13,000 yuan / square meter, the introduction of 1,000 sets of fine decoration houses, grouped in Hangzhou and Wenzhou the case of two sales of the 500 sets of field, field opening day of the scheduled Hangzhou case of 60%, in real estate investment environment is unfavorable, the scheduled rate than ordinary housing.