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7 Days Inn formally launched the mobile client
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Recently, the 7 Days Inn officially launched the mobile client (Android version), for 14,000,007 days members added a more convenient and efficient booking tool. Together with the existing online booking, telephone booking, WAP and SMS booking reservation 4 way, 7 days, as the Chinese economy hotel industry, the only available 5 brands and convenient way of booking hotels, and further strengthen the leading edge of technology. Create high-quality hotels, to provide users with comprehensive business travel hospitality experience, is the 7 Days Inn has always been the core objective. To help users get more convenient room reservation service, 7 days has recently launched a comprehensive mobile phone booking service, users simply login through the phone 7 days official website to download the application, you can achieve professional hotel information and room reservation services inquiries. According to reports, the mainstream of the global smart phone through the Android development platform, 7 days a mobile client, which is currently around include hotel reservations and information. As the industry's leading brands IT deployment, 7 days through a combination of wireless Internet, the advantages of smart phones, and convenient for the users to create real-time query and booking the hotel, the surrounding information inquiries, order inquiries and management services. 7 days a member can choose the time of booking in the hotel daily necessities, integral security, and easily select stores through the maps, city information-rich members of the current position of the view according to the surrounding stores information, and other relevant information and so on. 7 days a mobile client as APK papers with easy to use and can automatically update, and through the full touch screen and user-friendly interface design, fully reflects the real-time, efficient, convenient and stable. Since its inception, 7 days has always been committed to technology and service innovation, customers and members for the majority of IT systems based on the powerful economic, efficient and convenient high-quality business travel experience, has won wide praise from members of the customer. Accurate understanding of the needs of its members, but also help in healthy growth of 7 days while maintaining the rapid expansion of capacity. Just released third quarter results of 2010, 7 days a season to open 62 new stores once again achieved record levels of industry-wide growth rate of the first, the current number of more than 700 stores, covering 75 cities. 7 days, according to sources, in addition to Android version, the rest of the operating system of the mobile client will be launched in order to continue to meet the multiple needs of members.