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Round edifice of Heibei Shijiazhuang gold
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Astral class: Hang out one's shingle
Hotel address: Street of Beijing University of Shijiazhuang city China 3 The hotel books a phone: 0755-33606060
Round edifice of Heibei Shijiazhuang gold introduces: Golden round edifice is hotel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of class of a 4 stars, be located in the trade gold a sector of an area with the most flourishing Shijiazhuang, street of China Beijing University and Zhongshan road are handed in collect place, be apart from a railway station only Cheng of 5 minutes of cars, circumjacent assemble many 20 public transportation circuitry, communication is very easy.
The edifice is had decorate exquisite of all kinds guest room 267, the room is capacious and bright, daily life is comfortable, establishment is all ready, the edifice has Chinese and Western dining-room, banqueting hall, muti_function hall, rotate the gust such as dining-room the dining-room of each different 4, the environment is beautiful, can offer 1000 people above at the same time repast; 31 buildings rotate dining-room can offer buffet of delicate Chinese and Western for you, face window overlook, city beautiful scenery all stops eye ground.
The edifice still deploys establishment of all sorts of modern peace and happiness: Room of room of nightclub, ping-pong, card of sauna, bowling, gym, chess, hairdressing beautifies hair the function of multinomial peace and happiness such as the room, make you are working the relaxation of leisure body and mind. Anyhow, the environment of edifice warmth, considerate service, will be your travel, business lives, the good choice of the conference. Welcome to round edifice of Heibei Shijiazhuang gold, enthusiasm of round edifice of Heibei Shijiazhuang gold welcomes your presence, book edifice of Heibei Shijiazhuang Jin Yuan to be able to enjoy privilege of house price and relevant service project through carrying Cheng to order room net.