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Heibei collects article big public house
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Hotel address: The street before Heibei saves Shijiazhuang city to stand 6 The hotel books a phone: 0755-33606060
Heibei collects introduction of article big public house: Heibei collects be subordinate to of article big public house to belong to Heibei to save group of Xin Huashu store, floor area 38500 square metre, it is market room, meal, peace and happiness, conference, business lives, the modernization that buys the function such as book and travel to be an organic whole restaurant of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of travel of 4 stars stage. Collect article big public house to be located at square of Shijiazhuang railway station on the west side, the center that is located in Heibei to omit provincial capital politics, finance, trade and liaison man is handed in collect a place, situation is advantageous, communication is very easy. The hotel has guest room of luxurious flatlet, standard and single person guest room to add up to more than 200, in-house establishment is advanced, enter warmth comfortable; The hotel manages He Chuanhai of dish of high-grade another name for Guangdong Province classical dish is tasted and characteristic place is fastfood, minute in setting, high-grade dining-room, banqueting hall is mixed snack hall, hire a hutch especially advocate manage, taste tunnel is excellent; The assembly room that the hotel sets 6 different scale and of a 300 square metre muti_function hall; Deserve to room of card of hall of tea art house, singing and dancing, sauna, gym, bowling, chess waits for project of peace and happiness; Additional the scriptorium that sets a variety of norms more than 100, offer convenience, quiet trader to live space. Welcome to Heibei to collect article big public house, heibei collects enthusiasm of article big public house to welcome your presence, collect article big public house to be able to enjoy house price and privilege of relevant service project through carrying Cheng to order room net to book Heibei.