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Shijiazhuang is triumphal golden Yue big public house
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Hotel address: Heibei visits Shijiazhuang town east ave 1 The hotel books a phone: 0755-33606060
Big public house of triumphal gold Yue introduces Shijiazhuang: Big public house of triumphal gold Yue is by Heibei estate of China arteries and veins develops group limited company to press international the large travel of the collect meal of build of investment of level of 4 stars grade, recreation, recreational, fitness, conference, accommodation at an organic whole hotel. The hotel is located in Shijiazhuang city east ave 1, na Lin greets Hua Lu of abundant of guest highway — , north receives grade of Zhongshan of — of the axes in provincial capital, traffic extend in all directions, situation is advantageous, all through the ages is the flourishing core of provincial capital, the merchant gathers, shed gold everywhere. Big public house of triumphal gold Yue uses pattern of home's advanced theatrical type meal, particular 70 luxurious elegant, the recreational show of rich and colorful still can be viewed and admire while guest is enjoying delicate cate; The hotel owns the center washing bath of 11000 M2, all sorts of establishment everything needed is ready, after building, will become provincial capital area is the at present largest, provide culture details to wash bathhouse place most; The hotel has dimensions to amount to the Lian Ge square of room of more than 60 bag, area class is differ, satisfy the requirement of disparate arrangement of ideas, different public figure adequately; The hotel owns the conference center with 220 guest room and the most large-scale provincial capital, provincial capital will be become to have the public house of conference business affairs of consequence most after building. Hotel of triumphal gold Yue owns all sorts of elevator 12, guest can walk easily inside the hotel; Hotel implementation interrelates net broadband is received, information is delivered quickly with share, build platform of perfect business affairs; The hotel owns advanced videophone system, cable television system, public-address system system, satisfy the requirement of seeing and hearing of guest adequately. Welcome to Shijiazhuang big public house of triumphal gold Yue, enthusiasm of big public house of triumphal gold Yue welcomes Shijiazhuang your presence, book Shijiazhuang through carrying Cheng to order room net big public house of triumphal gold Yue can enjoy house price and privilege of relevant service project.
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