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Big public house of Heibei swallow hill (Shijiazhuang)
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Hotel address: Heibei saves Hua Xilu of Shijiazhuang city abundant 158 The hotel books a phone: 0755-33606060
Big public house of Heibei swallow hill (Shijiazhuang) introduce: Brief introduction *
Swallow hill big public house is located in Shijiazhuang abundant Hua Xilu, be apart from the Yao that the railway station veries close, walk 5 minutes to be able to arrive high speed is long-distance the bus stands, reach the airport 30 minutes car Cheng. Hotel thing direction parts direct Beijing is deep / Shi Taigao fast road, hotel side visits culture art center to Heibei, border doctoral expert apartment, the position is advantaged. Hotel building is 28 tall, build at 1999, have guest room of high school archives 244, have dining-room of 5 Chinese and Western and 18 size banqueting hall, chinese meal with, the hotel still has bowling house, song hall, sauna, nightclub, natatorium, table tennis, chess card room, the establishment of form a complete set such as gym. Among them shindig hall can hold 400 much people. General mark has odd world, but not be King-size big bed. Ritzy odd world is King-size big bed. General single bed is 1.5/2.0, single bed of a person of extraordinary powers is 2.0/2.0, the area between mark all is 27 smooth rice, all rooms all have computer socket and small safe, all additional living inn guest average per capita can swim freely by room card and fitness, business affairs layer and apartment have glacial canister, weight to say, apartment has sauna. Welcome to big public house of Heibei swallow hill (Shijiazhuang) , big public house of Heibei swallow hill (Shijiazhuang) the presence that welcomes you enthusiasticly, book big public house of Heibei swallow hill through carrying Cheng to order room net (Shijiazhuang) can enjoy house price and privilege of relevant service project.