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Heibei guesthouse (Shijiazhuang)
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Hotel address: Yo of road of Shijiazhuang city abundant China gift market 168 The hotel books a phone: 0755-33606060
Heibei guesthouse (Shijiazhuang) introduce: Brief introduction *
Heibei guesthouse did business formally 1962 and decorated 1999, in all 9, guest room 223, be apart from a railway station 4 kilometers, the airport 30 kilometers, road of Beijing deep high speed enters the mouth 3 kilometers place. Be located in Shijiazhuang exalted uptown, it is the hotel of the international level that Shijiazhuang welcomes national head of state the earliest. Gorgeous old hall / big, in, dining-room of small Chinese and Western / bar in all 16, can provide meal service for 2000 guest at the same time. Set center of collect international conference / news is released / fashion show / the Jin Yan that recreational fitness is an organic whole times square.94 year be judged to be.95 of hotel of class of countrywide optimal star year a hotel of class of star of row whole nation 50 beautiful. Chinese renown hotel organizes a member. There is a province near the hotel the hotel room such as gymnasium of red of museum, abundant is capacious and comfortable, cent is the naturally inside the room office, rest two area. Shower nozzle of bar of stage of lamps and lanterns, office, guest room, shower, blower, enlarge makes up each detail such as lens all is designed according to the guest's habits and customs. Single room all deserves to have “King-size” bed, long each 2 meters wide, comfortable, costly. The TV program reflects internationalization adequately, channel of NHK1 of program of news of CNN United States, Japan, NHK2, WOWO, phoenix is defended inspect, the United States is defended inspect the rich and colorful of each channel program such as international film stage. The hotel does not have a swimming-pool, have the recreational establishment such as fitness, assembly room can accommodate 100-500 person to differ. Welcome to Heibei guesthouse (Shijiazhuang) , heibei guesthouse (Shijiazhuang) the presence that welcomes you enthusiasticly, book Heibei guesthouse through carrying Cheng to order room net (Shijiazhuang) can enjoy house price and privilege of relevant service project.