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Why the professional handler of 80% or poor (4)
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Reason one: The hungry type thinking of the professional handler of 80%

Allegedly folk has a kind of hunt to spread hunt to catch the method of the monkey: Two holes are dug on a board, just the hand of enough monkey is extended go in, a few earthnut are put at the back of board, the monkey sees earthnut, can stretch his hand go catching, the closefisted that caught earthnut as a result clenchs fist, cannot shrink again from the hole come back, board became an animated chains. The monkey captures its earthnut closely so, be caught easy to doly. Pitiful monkey, it such, because,be it too be short of food, treat food too again. . .

We although the professional handler of 80% won't make a monkey on tactics in that way mistake, but often see one spot on strategic consciousness, also be such, because reside Anbusai to high, without base oneself upon Yu Changyuan's life plans, place is gone to before give up not, also give up does not issue everything before, what get finally is very few, those who lose is too much.

London of outstanding gram · is in novel " have deep love for life " in, the story of the person that wrote a wrong path. This sad person is in alone wild struggle, bearing hungry, fatigue, alone, acedia torment, still one is mixed his likewise same hunger, tired old wolf, follow him all the time, waiting for him to topple. However final not be old wolf ate him, however he ate off old wolf. The ending of the novel is, this person returns a boat to go up eventually, ate very a lot of more, became old fat person finally, return with reverence and awe deposit biscuit however, so that already shrivelled biscuit is crowded each corners of cabin, he still is collected cannot refrain fromingly everywhere.

The viability of poor person is very strong, he can the perseverance of conquer hardship pinch makes a person touch really, but he goes all lengths get, just pile shrivelled biscuit probably just.

Reason 2: The professional handler of 80% always is be swayed by considerations of gain and loss

Remember a TV program told a such stories: Phenanthrene Ya is graceful it is an Australian woman of 43 years old, at present is in the United States an university assiduously studies los angeles British literature. The writer that she is introduced to call Gelige to edits him already a series of conte of compose. Phenanthrene Ya graceful past never has edited a novel, but she should cross a newsreel during Australia 15 years before editorial assistant, her natural to having one to plant dramatically passion and instinct. In 15 years when go in the United States, phenanthrene Ya is graceful encountered many twist, the day gets quite clear suffering too, to fend, she often is forced to do the work with a few irksome, least salary, her hate showed this world, very inactive to the manner of money and people, before 6 months, she by fire from the work that markets old car, she again unemployed.

The career record that although phenanthrene Ya is graceful,did not display him talent and working personal details, but the opportunity that Gelige sees she still gave her to try later, gelige agrees to undertake disbursement according to the recompense of 3000 U.S. dollors of every 3 short novel. Work together with Gelige after editing a novel, the work that phenanthrene Ya graceful heart begins to consider perhaps she is paid is too cheap. To make more money, then the case in her apposition offers the way according to time computation recompense. If poor,Gelige says Ya is graceful the effective working hours that can have recorded oneself accurately, he promises such doing, and every hour pays give her 25 U.S. dollors, phenanthrene Ya is graceful very glad, because she never has received so high salary.
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