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Why the professional handler of 80% or poor (3)
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Not long ago, a good friend of the author related a such real stories to me: This year spring early days, the old father that the author's good friend accompanies his 72 years old goes to Wuhan on a special trip kin of seek by inquiry, when who realizes shortly general return, old father breaks out reason disease, faint to be in the ground, at once ask for help 120 send the patient toward Wuhan to undertake rescue with aid hospital, in rescue of emergency call room after a few hours, the old person broke away from danger at long last, the hospital states the patient is state of body of much organ exhaustion, oneself very bad, illness is very complex, need long-term hospitalization and observation, but the backbone doctor that is the same as aid hospital at present is resting, power of medical affairs relieve a sick or injured person is limited, requirement family member receives an old person to answer local hospital to undertake deliverance and observation are treated as soon as possible. Because the plane cannot be taken after the operation of the old person, cannot take a train again, the hospital suggests the Wuhan that rent is the same as the ambulance convoy of aid hospital new entrance, the family member expresses to agree instantly, nurse to make sure the safety of the old person enabled one class plan, hardware equipment waits besides oxygen therapy, blood transfusion on the ambulance outside, distribute stock technically still a doctor and 2 nurses, eventually safety remanded the old person place, arrange occupy at once again then place's best large hospital, held a person in the palm to look for best expert doctor to undertake relieve a sick or injured person and cure. After the old person passed the auxiliary cure of 3 many months and elaborate take good care of sb, the illness got controlling gradually and improve stage by stage, can have gotten out of bed now.

Here, good friend face shows appear to be reluctant, our condition is good now, have this capacity, old father is luckier than old woman ah (because the illness is exasperate and final,the good friend's mother also is a few years ago die) , the sheet of Zhang of outpatient service charge that said to take out an old person shakes before me, the author is received come over to see, grow sheet of long running water Zhang the number with collect fair column wears cost is total: Forty-seven thousand nine hundred and twenty yuan are rectified. The good friend sighed, final complement arrives, this has not calculated hospitalization expenses of a few days when be the same as aid hospital in Wuhan, operation to expend 50 thousand yuan, the ambulance that leases the hospital that be the same as aid 20 thousand yuan, more do not know how to much cost even next, body of only hopeful old person can recover. . .

Writer Shi Tiesheng is in spoke of him getting nephrosis, must with blood dialytic say when the feeling that maintains life: "Of dialytic charge tall very few somebody can be assumed from force, laborious and the help that I got social many sided, otherwise unimaginable. How be met otherwise? It is slowly hold back is dead (have a bit money) , 2 it is fast hold back dead (those who do not have money) . But, the process with dead hold back is same cruelty, the body gradually strut, breath is gradually hard, consciousness ases if lardy-dardily elsewhere, everything all around ases if immerse in venom gradually deadlocked is cold. But this still is not worst feeling, worst feeling is: Your family member is in aside helplessly look at you, look at so painful process, still be at a loss what to do.
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