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80% professions handler or " poor " ? (1)
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Not long ago, firm of some advisory adviser is aimed at Guangdong professional handler had a market research, have a such themes among them: In current goods economy society, wealthy person, small endowment what is the recognition level with the poor? One stone arouses 1000 billow, but one among them has dramatic result so unavoidable that make a person unimaginably queer, think to be in show level, of wealthy person limitting a criterion is every months of income can buy house of a commodity in place, small endowment limitting a criterion is every months of income house of commodity of one square metre can be bought in place, the criterion that limits a poor is in place every months of income cannot buy house of commodity of 0.5 square metre. . .

See here, handler of a lot of professions may be the same as the author's heart same, feeling of hard to avoid is not flavor very, not be to think of this standard reasonable, send however society of this goods economy is medium nowadays now, value, fortune and success the relation between each other also already sadly with when all is entered, so that condense in the indiscriminate mankind on professional manager person,the standard meets labor and its orientaton to be commercialized so. Make the author feel double suddenly indeed humeral pressure accentuated at a draught a lot of.

How to understand poverty

Check " say civil solution word " , of the poor " poor " word, original meaning " extremely also " , arrived namely first. What we say now " devoid gold " this meaning, ancient time cries " deficient " . Now often deficient and end are general, it is deficient thoroughly, deficient is poor, all things that do not have money rests, reflected the characteristic of goods economy society adequately. But, fathom carefully, still be the ancients uses a word more exact. Lacking cash is the one part of life predicament only, of have no way out also be not the person that have deficient only. Everything arrived the person of the head, the person in all predicament, no matter be fortune career or future, see the person that is less than a hope, with respect to the dismay that can have a poor and panic. Investigate its are substaintial, poor original idea is brains the inevitable result of long-term and negative position.

But the harm on the vitality that poverty brings us, the deficient that often should go up than corporeal life is more terrible.

What did 80/20 law show

The academia also has to the definition of professional handler a variety of, one has representative view is, alleged profession handler, it is to point to what counterpoise in belongings of a droit, legal person and legal person belongings assumes in the company with separate right of administration to keep responsibility of value rise in value, be in charge of business management of enterprise in the round, have absolutely right of administration and administrative power to legal person belongings, by the enterprise on-the-job handler market (include market of handler of market of handler of company serve profession and enterprise interior profession) in appoint to a position, and its body in order to get salary, mark period authority to win pay the expert of professionalism business management of enterprise of main way.
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