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What is hotel profession handler
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What is hotel profession handler

Hotel profession handler should have the professional ability that holds the position of hotel government position to have comparative from already all previous, can flow freely in the market with fair value, get firewood respond with a poem to achieve the goal of oneself profession career thereby.

Mix besides the professional knowledge related to hotel management, skill from already check beyond, establish and safeguard to professional hotel more important is professional personal integrity handler. One does not tell guild regulations, even if the person that does not have professional morality has again large capacity, also won't be chosen by market place.

As profession of a hotel handler should have:

1, the understanding to the market and control ability.

2, run ability. The manages ability to regard " as to put of great capacity that " of handler of some " profession has his all follows the standard of " , the result touched wall. Current, the hotel person that a lot of experience manage for years, more and more him feeling by draw out ceaselessly empty, it is need again additional moment, course runs on, read MBA, go abroad take advanced courses... , this is the result that the market competes. But hotel handler is not equal at general manager, be not everybody to need to learn course of MBA of industrial and commercial management, the ability of person of hotel profession experience is final still take exercise in individual practice come out, use oneself to understand professional deepness, the market demand that combines change will create value.

3, the spirit that respect property. How don't have this, in hotel industry any professional average per capita do not hold water. Hotel industry is the industry of movement, overtime of train in excess specified length works, within call, it is the main demand of pair of hotel profession handler, otherwise, be equal oneself at general staff.

4, human relation handles ability. Good professional husband, there are good reputation and public praise in guest above not only, also be the model of follow the lead of of employee try to be the first.

5, handle the crisis, tall person of agile meet an emergency prepares. Professional handler is average experience processing problem is much, much, and much body resides perch, eye shot is wide, have super- constant processing crisis ability, can establish the openly figure of oneself very quickly.

Hotel industry belongs to labor concentrated model service line of business, practicality is extremely strong. Individual public house need not weigh Jin Li to hire MBA ace conformity it seems that. The professional ability of professional handler is come from classics year working training and comprehension. But the vocational training that hotel profession handler should accept high administrative levels. Be used to of ceaseless geoscience, think, try to be applied neatly in actual working process?
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