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How to become an outstanding leader
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Each leaders want to become an outstanding leader. But how Yao Yangcai is an outstanding leader, how to go becoming an outstanding leader, become the issue that we must ponder over. At present this topic already caused the wide attention of all circles, all sorts of view contention of a hundred schools of thought emerge in endlessly, of all kinds book is full of the market to be popular. Bad of what actor what, cannot one by one textual research, oneself think appropriate is best. Him union China's special culture is below, with the understanding to managing shallow, express the following my opinion. Oneself leader points to enterprise or business the high level in the unit, lose the staff of main responsibility to organizing success or failure.
Want set an example, severe with the law already
Should becoming an outstanding leader is to want set an example, severe with the law already. Common saying says: What the train runnings is fast, rely on car fillet completely. The leader's leader sets an example, have very big incentive effect, greatly hearten job morale, improve work efficiency and working quality. Severe with the law already, have firm him demand only namely, the tie other people with better ability.
The Wu Renbao of Hua Xicun of Jiangsu river shade, the Shi Laihe of village of small Liu of Henan new rural area, the Wang Hongbin of village of the street austral Henan Linying, former village all without exception is poor, do not have assorted one difference with periphery, some more poor far and near are famed, they are by choose after Party committee secretary, led everybody to create breathtaking wealth. After I saw their relevant story, they have to nod jointly: It is not to take top salary, 2 it is not to live best, 3 it is not to eat best. "The village visits a village, door look door, masses sees a cadre " , want a leader to be able to have been done only, employee also can have been done, the force of example is infinite. Confucius says: Its body, do not make and go; Its body is frame-up, make and be no good. Teaching by one's own example surpasses words and deeds, those who emphasize is this truth.
Hesperian is told " law, manage, affection " , the Chinese is told " affection, manage, law " . The one that it is assorted above the case that cite is the job that produces in rural leader, because this is Chinese national condition. The staff that you supervise is a farmer for the most part, the argument that uses the State Council is " the farmer is versed in " . They respect property without the faithfulness of Japanese; Not German rigorous and efficient; Without artistic pursuit of the French; Without the make public individual character of American; Also did not call somewhat " oppidan " Babbitt is angry. If you can be used " open-armed " treat them, they are thankful certainly graph newspaper. Common saying says: Popular feeling is the flesh is long. This, special expression is on honest peasant industry body.
Speakand writedo abhorrent, say, write, do, it is the mistake that partial leader often makes. Fawn on to going up, overtly agree but covertly oppose even; To issueing order people by gesture, make blessing bravado even. The brave words when attending a meeting, prate economizes, make arduous efforts; Furtive when abracadabra, do extravagant corruption greatly, easy and comfortable enjoyment. These behavior are right for a leader, it is deadly defect, be absolutely no good. Have set an example only, severe in order to be self restrained, ability has favorable example effect, drive invigorates group member, to reach group goal and mission, contribute the greatest power.
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