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Professional handler, pass 40 where is your road?
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Pass 40, to numerous profession handler, it is a problem that must deliberately plan to face up to, be to continue to work or do poineering work by oneself? If choose to hang,rely on big company to continue before professional career, that needs you to want to have remarkable ability in the job, composed state of mind, when the integrated element such as rising passion accepts place enterprise to face market risk ceaselessly answer calmly, do a job with skill and ease, in fact, talent of a lot of professional handler oneself are pretty good, because they are in an unit illustrious and famous and enjoy more opportunities. Because have the better platform that produces value, the comes from all circles attention that they get and chase after hold the person more that always should compare a few small companies or does poineering work alone in both hands, oneself feels more advantageous also, just, of station of this kind of work often contacted cheek by jowl with the development lifeblood of enterprise oneself firm, once industry movement is smooth, oneself also is met Shu Xin, once encounter variable, that has bad luck to also following sb's heels and come.

In nature, we can see a lot of interesting phenomena sometimes. Dagger always swims to wear beside the shark a few address small fish, they rely on to choose the remains that picks up shark ravin to make a living; Mew likes warship of follow at sb' heels, because latter displacement can make,the float of little live thing in the sea sails upstream face, make their food; In forest, plant of a lot of kinds of Chinese wistaria is to rely on to depend on in join what sunshine is able to enjoy on extremely big tree.

Because a lot of profession handler are used to the development of platform of enterprise of long-term leech on to, the great ambition that as time passes can lose subjective enterprising and when facing a challenge tough. The feeling should be carried out seriously only anyway below illicit had carried out the strategy above to go, the thing of the others is same do not go worrying about, also need not care, day of with the passing of time is long, laziness is in the bottom of the heart a certain horn secretly gemmiparous, when pass 40, their can nervous discovery, actually oneself edges and corners had been ground to make the same score.

Orgnaization of adviser of be on sale of international of blue Ge Zhiyang thinks, leech on to though a celebrated unit also has certain pleasure and comfortable, not need is kept constantly on the run below the bear of pressure. But say good word, blindly count another person, oneself relies on completely to be in the person of position pay keep the pot boiling, weaken oneself potential ability and the challenge instinct that will answer metabolic place to have henceforth and courage the most easily.

That does poineering work with respect to proper motion! Pass 40, have rich life experience and resource of person arteries and veins, or else wrestle, more wait for when. Of course, oneself do poineering work and either cheesy photograph is followed contrary and it is painful photograph companion, above all you should have good state of mind and long-term view. The difficulty that faces management likelihood to appear and low when confusing, you want calm mood, ten million cannot random proper limits for speech or action, face trade policy to change, when market depression, foreground not is measured, you must adjust directional avoid risk, it is difficult to greet and go up, once appear when the business not apply goes out, capital deficient endangers a company to live when safety, you want hammer and tongs, appropriate is answered, take out the action quickly, in order to spend difficulty, of course, this among them, the resource that you are had originally and accumulates and person arteries and veins also can manage the effect with the very big play in the activity in yours.
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