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Firewood proposes a toast how morale of reform give up does
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If why handle firewood to plan the issue in reforming a process?
Problem: There are more than 30 to grant below my company administer company, business grows ceaselessly expand, already developed to diversity of hotel industry, general merchandise course of study, banking industry by pure real estate. Press constant manage, company ceaseless development expands, the pay of its employee also should improve gradually, when the river rises the boat goes up too just is opposite. In fact, however rather, the Spring Festival just passed this year, the company undertakes reform to the compensation structure of employee, before the pay after its are reformed still is inferior to reform, the result issues an individual heart slack on the company.
Solve: Above all we believe, the target of all reform, it is to hope to reform the following system can more scientific, more perfect, more reasonable. I think your compensation reform also is such.
All resource in the enterprise are finite. What the enterprise considers is, use finite cost on the person that needs drive most, those " limit yields " on the oldest person. In light of the advisory experience that for domestic company from us the fulfil that make salary reforms, a lot of home companies accumulate the account that take as a result of the history, low end the firewood fulfil of post often exceeds the market to be worth a lot of; And high-end post, if manage the firewood such as post, high-end technology post importantly,fulfil lags behind at the market to be worth however a lot of.
To the enterprise character, the firewood fulfil of the person that hold a post to the station that has higher value if in the market competition ability is very weak, attract, withhold these talents to be able to appear faint. And fulfil of relatively abundant to furnishing firewood of the low person that upright post holds a post is exorbitant, make cost of overall firewood fulfil resides the enterprise not to fall high, very wasteful. We made a lot of advisory case, it is the repartition that helped an enterprise have firewood fulfil totle drilling cost actually. But, good original intention also needs to be carried out with good tactics, the reform of resource of any a kind of manpower is brought about " popular feeling slack " be a regret. Although you are offerred information is not complete, we cannot diagnose the crucial reason that gives an issue exactly, it is nevertheless in compensation reform, the following must consider:
Use the evaluation tool of be convinced making a person
If your firewood proposes a toast reform assumes like my thereinbefore really, it is to adjust the rationality of interior allocation plan, so in structure of executive firewood fulfil when redesigning, indispensable need has a position to evaluate a tool to help resolution position the value discretion to the organization, and the value gap between position, so that as firewood fulfil constitutes a important basis.
And this tool must be place of company major administrator to accept with approbate. Ideal position evaluation tool can be research and development of company proper motion, because this accords with program of the strategic goal of the company, development, value to direct most, competitive environment. There also are a few off-the-peg tools to be able to be drawn lessons from on the market of course. But no matter be proper motion research and development,still introduce existing technology, must be " be convinced making a person " .
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