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The creation means of value of channel of famous brand restaurant
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The creation means of value of channel of famous brand restaurant

The signal value when restaurant is very high, the customer can book the product that buys hotel, this involves a client to book the channel issue that buys restaurant product. Of restaurant product purchasing channel surely beforehand is those who point to restaurant product buy way surely beforehand, specific say, the client is to enter restaurant to arrive directly downstage or dining-room books the product that buys hotel, still buy restaurant product surely beforehand beforehand through other way? It is to pass phone, fax to book, still pass a network to book? It is to pass travel agent to book, still pass the meeting planner of the company to book? Channel of famous brand restaurant is the convenience value that the client offers, pledge actually even if want to reduce the cost that the client happens to make trade and pays, trade namely cost (Transaction Cost) . Specific say, should drop a client namely by what undertake booking buying place addition the defray besides restaurant product value. These defray can be money, time, energy and risk wait, also may be some kind of inconvenience. How to accomplish this? Want to note 4 problems: (1) takes the client that brings a client for restaurant seriously; (2) notices to make telephone call of good business affairs; (3) is offerred free telephone call and build a phone to seek advice from information center; (4) combination uses a variety of booking channel.

Take the client that brings a client for restaurant seriously

Very important is to should have handled the relation with travel agent here. According to 6 continent group (Six Continents) statistic, its guest discharge of a year should be as high as many 2000 restaurant 400 million person-time, among them very big one part passenger source is to rely on travel agent to offer. How to do well the relation with travel agent? 6 continent the successful experience of the group is: The first, regarding viatic business is all in all guest. Acceptance lives for all viatic business the guest room that the restaurant of this group offers dozen of 50% discounts, the condition is to travel to business should shift to an earlier date 15 days to book and obtain concerned restaurant to admit really. Through using this one condition, restaurant is OK choose the viatic business that provides passenger source impossibly for its, also can attract a large number of likelihoods to bring viatic business of the client for this restaurant at the same time. Additional, the rental rate that most restaurant has always in a year for some time is very low, a lot of world-renowned restaurant can invite the leader of a few public figures and each industry to live freely in hotel guest room a few days in this period of time, other charge asks to provide for oneself like meal cost, will establish the relationship of the leader of public opinion of social all circles that brings a visitor with the likelihood with this.
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