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Competition and contest close
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Competition and contest close

Everybody knows, in the planned economy times of bequest a system of fixed quotas for marketing, nonexistent competition, also innovate hard development. The progress of market economy was depending on transferring the person's potential adequately, in making its are participating in competitive process, obtain perfect with development. 20 centuries after 80 time, the phenomenon that each Chinese is one continuous line cans be found everywhere, in the competition of hotel industry; When some heroes meet, stress oneself distinguishing feature, be in an area, the be the champion inside period of time; Some mutual fight closely, spend price competition, I am not dead also do not miss good work; Also some exert shade are enrolled, caustic is enrolled, by hook and crook, enterprise of in the end and oneself a be utterly discredited...

The market of primary level competes, good and evil people mixed up of inevitably mud and sand are carried along-there is mingling of good and bad, when once market economy is thorough,developing, game regulation is alled over is to not allow evasive law, the hero that mentions in front wins out, but vivid bad. Why? One of, had game regulation, globalization challenges area to break up avowedly; Secondly, superior bad discard survival of the fittest, it is natural rule only, in the society cent is contended for before, often unaware because of having a very narrow view; Thirdly, heroic be discouraged should depend on lacking the group that strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions can communicate effectively again so; Its 4, stream of people, content shedding, capital shedding, iformation flow, resource is occupied entirely -- that just attempts! Knack of doing business of Chinese early some -- lay money compatibly, it is current and popular notion so double win, the originator that wins more!

Economic globalization promoted the strategic alliance between the enterprise, this is pair of competition cooperation that win property, the both sides of strategic alliance can from the benefit that oneself get over there the other side, or the market, or technology, or brand.

Then, by competition trend contest closes is hasten of important matter place it seems that. The whole world 500 strong companies are average every enterprise has 60 main strategic alliance associate. Dark of short duration is opposite basis dust the investigation of 110 transnational corporation makes clear the whole world, these company market prise occupy at the beginning of the 1997 yield to alliance of the strategy between 2000 6% to 15% , and was 40% above 2004, according to U.N. statistic, 64 thousand transnational corporation are dominating the whole world 870 thousand companies that are not transnational corporation mainland. According to the statistic of United States Congress, the surviving rate tower above that crosses state-owend enterprise course of study to compare indigenous industry 50% . American economist tall is treated. Jin Shui of Si Di case: "Review the United States well-known big company, having which hardly is not with some kind of means, going up somehow applied annex, buy development to rise. Hardly a big company basically can rely on in-house dilate, or grow rise. " American economy phylogeny, the in a sense can say is the phylogeny that the enterprise buys.
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