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The festival of lanterns brings prosperous business chance each hotel rises in p
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See festive lantern, guess riddles written on lanterns, admire fireworks, eat Yuanxiao, the festival of lanterns of 15 is in the first month of the lunar year to bring more red-letter day for people festival and outside enjoying, also bring rat for the guesthouse inside city, hotel, bazaar year year prosperous business chance.

Hotel room social status times add

Evening party of annual fireworks of festival of lanterns lets set off bit of circumjacent guesthouse, hotel one day this to become hot, those rooms that can view and admire fireworks overnight social status times add. Yesterday midday, the reporter calls abundant to amount to a country restaurant, Xing Yajian country approachs trade, Xin Huajian state inside the city such as restaurant the guesthouse hotel that sets off a dot, discover these hotels can see the room price of fireworks already all rose considerably. The abundant that stands by 51 parks to set off a dot amounts to a country trade public house arrives from 11 buildings 36 buildings, the room of north of all Chao Dong, day already all raised price, cent is luxurious room, business affairs room and administrative room, price from 1288, 1388 differ to 1688 yuan, taller room price jumps over floor expensive. The Xinhua that stands by city gymnasium to set off a dot founds a state restaurant also reachs 10 floors valence did the partial room of 18 buildings to adjust, average house price is controlled 400 yuan, the room that can see smoke and fire implements a 728 yuan price.

With compared last year, the price of each hotel all rises somewhat this year. Abundant amounts to a country trade the price of the most expensive house this year is 1688 yuan, the most expensive price last year is 1588 yuan. Although some hotels maintain the price did not go last year, but cancelled free own dinner. Although the price times add, but each book quite hot still, make rich the staff member of the trade that amount to a country says, of room of these two days of luxurious, business affairs book very hot, the staff member of restaurant also says Xin Huajian state, the room that can see smoke and fire is already odd not much.

Provincial capital businessman borrows machine sales promotion

Provincial capital each businessman also tries to be unique, gather together be troubled by Yuanxiao.

Guess riddles written on lanterns this one tradition is consuetudinary the sales promotion instrument that makes many businessmen use. Couplet of capital of general merchandise of hill of Chinese redbud of Singapore chronometer treasure, Zheng Bai, north all is rolled out suspect activity of riddles written on lanterns. General merchandise of Chinese redbud hill the rich and colorful of Yuanxiao activity it may be said this year, besides guess riddles written on lanterns, still have dish of encouragement lion, fireworks evening party, full-court shops to still fulfil the quota gives, and that evening business hours should be lengthened to 10 when. Decide those who lengthen business hours to still have Zheng Bai at the same time, the festival of lanterns that day, zheng Baijiang performs activity of lion of dance dragon, dance in the square before the door, roll out the discount sale of commodity at the same time.
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