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Gain ability, with angle keep an eye on of the strategy
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Gain ability, with angle keep an eye on of the strategy

What is what Chinese hotel industry perhaps says hotel managers of China headache most, should be without doubt all the time the gain state of not quite ideal hotel, because of the trade current situation of this one small profit and deficit, make hotel managers the position in the industry, consequence, outspread ability all is restricted with the influence. Although was aimed at gain ability ten years this to already had a lot of analysises and anatomize, but the action result that actual condition is major hotel manager or owner however is shown, or is disregard or the current situation of oversight gain state, or does the useless work of a few dynamic to improving profit with the means of local tactics.

Pay close attention to gain ability, mean the operation that must ponder over a hotel with strategic angle. If our bypass property right, multivariate company image, and the explicit element such as industrial linkage, from the point of hotel monomer, the hotel is an enterprise, it is the enterprise is about to consider to make money, and be long-term abidance make money, this is the principal means that the enterprise of perfectly justified exists. And this one the basiccest want justice, can be in the operation of the hotel, in the head of the manager of the hotel or CEO, become ambiguous can move toward the opposite hammer and tongs even. Its reason is shown as follows.

Because lack strategic administration thinking, the investment of a lot of hotels, fixed position and great management are decision-making be to build the foundation in experience of oneself of owner, general manager and idiomatic method to go up, investment analysis and the extensive that the market analyses with simplification it is to cause the main reason with hotel supply exceeds demand and unreasonable structure. The market this only invisible hand not because of people disregard and exist forever, when returning lack to hold to the fixed position of hotel product and client, when doing SWOT to analyse to inferior position of the environment of inside and outside of the hotel, actor, the profit that makes the public house with operation so and prosperity can make try one's luck and follow the general trend only.

As a result of the oversight that runs to the strategy, it is all the time in a market that is the mainstream with the opportunity, the gain of the hotel concerns with the strategy it seems that not quite. But the circumstance has produced a change, especially from last centuries 90 time metaphase begins, mature as the trend of hotel industry, competitive aggravate, the opportunity already became little a lot of, perhaps say to have but capture should have higher level; The support with some original hotels is explicit, the advantage that is not the market is in lose stage by stage; A few follow of heat " drop " with " plan " ground of impossible already get sth done once and for ever " take a day " . In this kind of moment, the 28 law in hotel industry particularly apparent, we had be toed hit be convinced in heart, those still gain is rich and generous, ceaseless dilate, unripe the person of the same trade of enthusiasm grand. Because they are the dilate that are based on the strategy,that is, it is the public house that having fixed position of clear product, area, market, can be like the scent like age vintage wine as the elapse of time 4 excessive. The hotel of class of a few fast stars that begins Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang to wait from last year takes the lead in breaking through gain obstruction, make hotel trade " accomplishment actor is blue prepare " phenomenon, should OK unlock these hotels, why can be 5 years ago the high-end market of the there is few visitors that manages themselves with so dedicated, abiding, simple, persistent means. Look from strategic angle, short-term gain still was not the biggest to the meaning of the hotel, the biggest is hotel of the keep an eye on below the long-term goal setting that never comes now period gain, in that way gain just is valuable, the biggest change.
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