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The creation means of value of signal of famous brand restaurant
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The creation means of value of signal of famous brand restaurant

Creating famous brand restaurant to need one of settlement crucial problems is the information asymmetry phenomenon between restaurant and client: Restaurant knows he has a lot of advantages, but cause client does not know, how to invite target customer understanding and like all sorts of advantages of own restaurant? I consider reason I am in, psychological cognitive principle tells us, only people sense and realised thing just are a fact, accordingly, want to create famous brand restaurant, be about to consider how to deliver channel to make cause client is known through all sorts of information with all sorts of advantages that like him restaurant, study the creation way of restaurant signal value namely.

Accept a process to analyse to the psychology of restaurant product according to the client, the creation means of restaurant signal value by the following 6 respects are formed.

The first be what should elevate restaurant is famous degree. Because, not famous degree do not have business. If world-renowned restaurant tries hard to make the building of own restaurant makes a scenery line of place, make a huge advertisement system. Resemble public house of Shanghai Jin Maojun Yue 88 tall, stand tall and upright in side of yellow riverside river, like Shanghai baud graceful hotel uses the adornment style of Chinese nation, make a person impressive. A lot of restaurant return advertisement of the guidepost since the vertical stroke on the clearing before hotel old hall, introduce the meal of restaurant and recreational establishment, still build coping all sides to hang the billboard of hotel name in restaurant, deserve to have neon light, accomplish make each passer is in one day 24 hours in " lower his head to disappear look up see " . What worth while study is, dining-room is in Kendeji from it dining-room is in a few meters all around hang guidepost advertisement high: "There is Kendeji in front dining-room " , such doing encircle the guest of going from place to place all around.

The 2nd it is the content that should let cause client understand restaurant product. World-renowned restaurant besides often advertise, outside holding a press conference, the employee that organizes restaurant even, foreman, director and sectional manager discuss together with make restaurant product schedule, form of the position that lets faculty know him restaurant, owner, management (chain, affiliation or independence are managed) , activity of establishment of recreation of establishment of traffic advantage sex, guest room, meal establishment, fitness, special sales promotion, book means to wait for product content, facilitate they undertake introductory in serving for the client.

The 3rd it is the product that should make cause client likes restaurant. After cause client understands the product of restaurant, meeting existence likes, cool with do not like 3 kinds of attitudes. How to let a client like? Here, public relations job is having tremendous effect. The public relations job of restaurant is OK from the following 6 respects have a plan. It is the contribution that should publicize restaurant to be made in every respect ceaselessly firstly. If Coke Cola was born 1886, coke Cola company not only the obtain employment issue that publicized it to solve hundred thousands of person, and still did Coke Cola packing -- its bottle and potted exposition. It is production sensation incident secondly. If a restaurant wants to draw the attention of Beijing and Shanghai dweller, aeroboat ad can be made on the sky of Beijing and Shanghai. It is to should gather news and creation news thirdly. If restaurant wants to have at least,a camera is mixed have word of one the subject this, in the activity of the hotel anybody the record comes down, undertake proper conduct propaganda. Additional, want to have the press release of two concerned hotels from beginning to end in the pocket of restaurant general manager or manager of public relations department, can publish for journalist at any time with. Its 4 it is to should establish good community relationship, this includes the employee concern of restaurant interior, as external as restaurant communicating relation. The at present in the hotel that resembles having the honor to win award of American nation quality, Kaerdu (Ritz Carlton) is same, make each employee have deep love for his restaurant, say active word is mixed from beginning to end do positive thing. In the meantime, do well the relation with each industry leader, because they are public opinion leader, their public praise conduct propaganda has tremendous effect to the figure of restaurant. Its 5 it is to should build the affinity with media, if establish journalist club. Because most client is,form the impressional to a restaurant from inside the report of broadcasting station, TV station, the press and magazine. Its 6 it is to should discover crucial figure, persuade them to accept the product of restaurant.
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