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Play chess chess with what restaurant manages
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Play chess chess with what restaurant manages

Chinese chess, go is like an a book from heaven that does not have a word, abstruse and abstruse, metabolic multiterminal, gout is boundless, full of China civilization and wisdom. Manage with chess analogy, the course that chess path and restaurant run is interlinked. If restaurant operator can realize a more truths from inside common chess bureau, can apply self-consciously in practice, calm meeting is helped somewhat to be in the management of restaurant, restaurant manages alternate of politic wise move to go out, conquer each competitor.

Play chess chess is one kind attacks the pastime that defends combat, black (red) confront each other in vain, a fierce struggle between two evenly-matched opponents, chessboard presents Protean design, accumulate the state that embodying change to not be measured, the path of play chess chess, expensive changing. The course that restaurant runs also manages with its, expensive also in consider the situation, be prepared for danger in times of safety, manage newlier ceaselessly thought and management mechanism, progress is sought in change.

Archaism path: "The person that kind goes seeks its power, the person that not to be pooh-poohed weichis is sought its child " , the experience that this is the ancients path to play chess chess is wraparound. Be apt to is sought situation person, one child unwise move, overall can be made up for; And seek child person, however often attend to one thing and lose another, inadvertent, overall all is defeated. " grandchildren " : "Battle of reason be apt to person, beg at situation, not duty at the person, reason can choose person and situation " . "Situation " person, overall situation also. Get on this extend the meaning to the competitive strategy of restaurant, successful restaurant often builds competitive platform high, hold commanding elevation, consequently its " situation " bigger, once participate in competition, its " situation " but translate into cannot the assault force of check. Accordingly, in market competition, restaurant should learn to build not only situation, bring up a kind of state that has deadly deterrence power to place of competitor crucial point namely, and should have a good command of " situation " , the optimal hour that forms in personal situation launchs attack, get the better of enemy at enemy situation not piece.

Current, battle royal spreads out on the low level that many restaurant just compete in the price, be fond of the management of plunder type, be immersed in the lair of vicious circle and cannot extricate oneself. Consecutive price war makes restaurant paid bitter price, the market that just expands what change temporarily has rate and scanty profit. Little imagine, indulge price war, namely a kind " seek child " practice; And astute, mature restaurant leader jumps out temporarily the confine of one ground, with broad horizon consider the situation, dozens big " value battle " , alleged " the person that do not seek all ages, inadequacy is sought temporarily " .
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