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7 problems develop strategic thinking ability
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7 problems develop strategic thinking ability

What is the reason that the core question that hotel strategy place should answer is hotel existence, namely hotel why can from exterior pay off and live go down. Appear to this very easy to read and understand problem, when a hotel general manager deep careful ground is static if next hearts will want, think strategically what can cause an a lot of photographs to close. Open feeling to list to facilitate 7 specific issues, answer the reason that the hotel exists with coming from different flank. Because one did not make clear truly,oneself is put in the hotel of reason, it is very difficult live for a long time reach developmental development.

Why should become a public house?

It is choice of occupational first time, it is the leader's accreditation, it is learned major, permanent still purpose heart... it is not important to choose that one, important is to should have a clear conclusion. If be to live, to make money, for ranking one paper transfer order, so do hotel and do other, disclose it is a kind of profession and level differ actually just. The jumping-off place of the strategy of a hotel and attributive in the brains of the general manager with the hotel, boss that " conclusion " be linked together closely, the expands for a long time continuously basic power of the hotel also results from this, when dynamical source different Shi Jicheng grows motivation and unripe long mechanism to differ necessarily. Of course this very it's hard to say that kind " dynamical source " it is good certainly or bad, in the heart because of the person that regards motivation as the source " belief " it is very difficult breed, change, with camouflage, these see the belief that is like the hotel core layer that has nothing to do with commercial interest, already decided a hotel or development of hotel group future in the long run roughly orbit and direction.

What kind of public house to become?

This is belief and strategic thought is incorporate, it is the surveyor's pole that the hotel tries hard, ultimate goal. Want to answer this question, extend the meaning goes out other 3 problems, hotel today, what is the product tomorrow? Is the market of the hotel over there? Are the guest need of the hotel and value pursuit those? General manager should become what kind of public house certainly, very crucial is to want to be fixed position premise with the market demand of the hotel, although the product of every hotel has particular market periodic, can lose competition ability as the elapse of time, but however Chang Xinchang changes hotel market demand, hold the demand of target market and client, contact the mechanism that can make the hotel has ceaseless newer product and ability with the strategic goal photograph of the hotel, make the hotel is in innovation and promotion and progress are achieved in chasing. Fixed position was made clear, what does ability do to have today to the hotel diagnose, have preparation to what will doing tomorrow.
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