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Successful sale interview is recorded
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Successful sale interview is recorded

Zhang Xin: A special honored guest was asked in our program today, he comes from Mr Jin Tao of Zhejiang international big public house namely. Golden gentleman the senior personage as Hangzhou hotel industry, because he is having the experience of successful sale and management,be. And the outstanding achievement of Zhejiang international big public house also is to be climbed every year rise, because this also got the attention of a lot of person of the same trades. Everybody also wants to understand among them reason very much.

Zhang Xin: Hello, golden chief inspector.

Jin Tao: Hello, miss Zhang Xin.

Zhang Xin: Very glad that you can walk into our program today. We also can ask you inaccessibly very much, because you work at ordinary times too busy. We hope you can talk about you to manage the experience of the respect in sale through electric wave and audience today.

Jin Qing: I also am willing to be able to be mixed very much audience friends are shared together.

Zhang Xin: Respecting sale manages, also have a lot of people pursueing this trade, so you think how to just become the sale home that can make a success.

Jin Tao: I feel to want to make good sale, perhaps say to want to become the expert of a sale, above all must the assurance that can have an acumen to the market is spent, this one or two is grasped degree besides to course of study of one's own profession -- hotel industry is very familiar outside, the angle that should be good at standing in the client especially will ponder over a service, for the client the design serves, provide a service. Say us for example everyday strive goes knowing new customer, undertake actively perhaps talk with old client, from the client's mouth I can know a lot of news, get improvement the train of thought of our product and service ceaselessly thereby.

Should be good at packing next with apply colours to a drawing the product of the hotel, hotel product is singler, guest room, meal and recreational fitness, special need creates new idea ceaselessly, creation sells a site, be like: The accommodation that Zhejiang international big public house differs via constant design wraps valence to get used to the need of different client group or different and seasonal passenger source, hold of all kinds food festival to make the client is experienced ceaselessly regularly fresh. This way that actually emperor leads consumption one kind. I think, sale works not just emperor satisfies client requirement, and should be good at leading a customer, want to be good at leading consumption style.

Finally, I think, want to be good at communicating, it is not only undertake communication with the client, communicate with the colleague even, communicate with the person of the same trade, communicate with the friend that is not hotel industry, better through communicating what make our product, those who sell is better.
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