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Hotel sales promotion 10 big steps
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1, rely on a government, borrow situation go to situation. Because the government is assuming whole to move toward the responsibility of the market,alleged support government is, have powerful constituent force, force. So, government of have the aid of the shortcut that this large ship goes to sea is trend market.

2, media of have the aid of, wide show the world. Modern society is an information society, the carrier of information is transmission media, include TV, film, newspaper, magazine, advertisement to wait, these media had made the central point that people hour pays close attention to, make the medium of communication of news source. Media of have the aid of, can wide show the world, what enlarge oneself quickly is famous degree.

3, catchword open a way, figure guides. Figure publicizes the main strategy that has made contemporary sale. Establish image, transmitting figure is the sales promotion means that an enterprise and even a need of an area, city pay attention to very. With concise, lively language or graph, condense oneself figure, easier most the brain of object of speed person market, make the choice of market object.

4, area combination, hand in hand sales promotion. Occasionally, an area or certain enterprise, an isolated force fights bravely can show sheet of be in power force is small, also lack some kind of degree of belief, area combines the appeal virtually to the market to be able to be increased, and the gigantic golden eggs that an area or an enterprise can get integral advantage place is brought in area combination.

5, science and technology is banner, network promotion. Modern science and technology is affecting our life greatly, the development infuse that progress of science and technology also gives tourism new vitality. Network sales promotion has been become worldwide the hottest perhaps says ascendant rate is the rapiddest sales promotion measure inside. Science and technology of have the aid of, execute network sales promotion, each enterprises, each areas should study seriously, catch up with quickly the pace of the times.

6, conduct an activity, center conduct propaganda. Now each district or each enterprises conduct all sorts of activities in research, include activity of recreational and sports activities, cate, health body activity, reveal an activity to wait. These activities are large activity a little, also be the small-sized activity that him enterprise organizes a little, no matter which are planted,the activity is the main chance that publicizes his centrally. Of course, the activity should prepare sufficient, content wants novel and distinctive, the form wants health lively, such ability become periodical, its impact will be bigger.

7, pay close attention to celebrity, lend a name famous. Celebrity is to point to those commonly socially the person that succeed, their influence should be gotten greatly relative to Everyman much. Celebrity also can produce a few special appeal, celebrity of have the aid of is the publicizes his method with some enterprise, some very good area.
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