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The hotel is contemporary and scientific battalion carry: Income management
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The hotel is contemporary and scientific battalion carry: Income management

About income management

Income management is method of management of carry of a kind of when from 20 centuries 80 time development rises contemporary and scientific battalion. Its core is through making agile and the price system that accords with market competition law, the microcosmic market of recombine modernization is forecasted reach the price to optimize a method to have dynamic adjusting control to company natural resources.

Make while the company is achieving long-term goal, the opportunity that appears in market of take full advantage of of hour of carry of each concrete barracks again will get the biggest profit. Wraparound and character, income government target is to make company product can be in first-rate hour, with best price, carry best channel, offer the most likely customer. This runs the country that the means develops in a lot of information, especially Euramerican had been used by a lot of industries, and the benefit that accumulative total created thousands of 100 million dollars.

Inchoate price and income management basically apply at course of study of civil aviaton passenger transport, through 20 old theory research and practice examine, the concept of the price and income management has been absorbed by other domain widely and apply. The price of a few according to each industry characteristic designs and income management system already became a lot of industries to be used at the powerful weapon with market indispensable competition.

In hotel industry, as the rapid development of the computer and IT, most hotel had introduced computer couplet net open to booking reach system of guest room management, make hotel management entered digitlization phase. The function of the price of industry of corresponding ground hotel and income management system also appears important increasingly. The pattern of thick lines management when manual in the past operation already cannot satisfy the need that increasingly intense market competes. Acting and the microcosmic analysis that those who rise is great data bulk and the accurate ration management that are aimed at specific client. With respect to the method of income management, manage by drop pattern early or late, net type manages development to join the general management that the client serves to finish. The side runs in the price, also from price of single static state, to multiple and dynamic price, optimize price control to what link market competition again. Although all these makes the price and income management system become more beneficial is complex, but the benefit that at the same time its create is increasingly distinct also. According to user statistic analysis, a modern income management system can be a company every year to increase 4% to the extra income of 8% . To a lot of enterprises character, this is equivalent to almost 50% to the net profit of 100% .
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