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State guest hotel rolls out promotive travel banquet to take high-end passenger
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State guest hotel rolls out promotive travel banquet to take high-end passenger source

Award travels, it is to show by interior of business of company unitary organization senior husband or first-class staff go abroad travel. The guest level that rewards tourism group is average taller, purchasing power is strong, go sightseeing while the local customs that pays attention to experience and thorough knowledge place more, rewarding tourism group also is high-grade all along one of key tourism groups that restaurant of 5 stars class welcomes.

For the promotive tourism group that reachs China to coming, sample the Chinese characteristic cate, grand opera that experiencing Chinese traditional culture is mobile arrangement of course. Be aimed at the characteristic that rewards tourism group, group of activity of conference of state guest hotel is made meticulously gave a plan of whole thematic meal activity. The promotive travel that enters state guest is round not only promotive tourism group can is to organize activity of large theme sex inside the hotel, be like " imperial late banquet " , " Beijing fastfood street " , " dance of Scotland late dinner " wait for meal experience, still will all over visit famous places and historical sites or search distinctive activity location, be like field of the Great Wall, Summer Palace, marine house, respectful Wang Fu, embassy or high-grade community, golf, conduct activity of of all kinds meal, invite a guest sampling cate while, obtain higher administrative levels enjoy. Last month, group of tourism of award of senior husband of 3 approach company enters Australia state guest hotel, the high level that held an experience form in shindig hall " imperial late banquet " . The clerk wears palace dress to provide a service for the guest, guests are wearing dress of quiet court royal court, sit on dragon chair to search the sensation that becomes an emperor, the menu that is stuck on Beijing opera types of facial makeup in operas is the glamour that showed Chinese meal cate more. "Imperial late banquet " cate is by hotel Chinese meal chef grows advocate manage, dish is given priority to with dish of delicate harbor type another name for Guangdong Province, if the emperor is great,crab of a thick soup of wing of assorted cold dishes, Bao Can, steamed kid is mixed sweet decoct is yellow establish a storehouse to wait a moment, color is bright delicious, your guest is profuse in praise.

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