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Service industry is man-to-man sale mode explore is small
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Service industry is man-to-man sale mode explore is small

Market fractionize is a when market sale middling often should use main tool. If drive market fractionize further, appeared to get sale fully Si Hema of Po of admire of · of expert the Tang Dynasty Sha Luojiesi of praise highly " man-to-man sale " . The definition that they give man-to-man sale is very simple, it is the management behavior that the businessman wants and can adjust oneself accordingly according to special demand of the client. May the client provides these special demand actively, also may the company arrives actively from various channel collect. The success of man-to-man sale relies on at 2 o'clock: The enterprise was built with the client extensive and persistent connection, and this is planted connection is come down by thoroughly record; Capable to store, analysis and processing concern the company the client's data.

Begin to change direction to be oriented man-to-man sale perspective with the client for oriented masses sale perspective with the product, this is to happening in the whole world the root nature in each measurement company changes. Masses sale is some kind single product is sold as far as possible much client, and man-to-man sale is sell to a certain single client as far as possible much product. This kind of sale achieves inside very long period of time, and span even diverse product line.

Don Pei Sha Luojiesi emphasizes Po Si Hema particularly, establish of man-to-man sale root at such thought: Establish study relationship with each client, especially those " gold client " . What is study relation? It is every and client are hit hand in, the enterprise divides experience with respect to how, grow brains one minute. The client raises requirement, or the demand that oneself discover a client, improve a product accordingly again next or serve, the process of this kind of go round and round, natural meeting makes a client make a response eagerly, spend in faithfulness on pass on a company.

Admire Po this wait for a person to point out, should make the company is accomplished turn to man-to-man sale from masses sale and run truly rise, the following 4 phase are crucial:

The client that identifies you (Identify) . Before starting man-to-man sale, the enterprise must have direct contact with many client. The key is to should be learned as far as possible much detail, and remember this well be always unending process. What should understand is the client's name, address and connection method not just, return those who have them to buy the information such as habit, hobby. Do not count on some second hair Zhang Wen coils to come to an end, each branch that passes each every time contact, channel, every the three unities, company however will learn these information. Want a client to may be opposite only a kind of any your products or service generation desire to buy look, be about database of its information income.

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