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Let a client arrive from satisfaction faithful DS be on sale " 6 army compasses
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● what is actually happening analyses: Had been kind to you " patronage person " can be benefited boundless

What is meant by " patronage person " ? He is the person that some enterprise buys some type product. This kind of person has a lot of different sort:

Have what buy some brand product only; Have be in only just of presence of change garments according to the season; Have what shop in presence of the ability when depreciating only. Why are they bought? Firstly, to make oneself feel very pretty good; Secondly, to solve a problem. Want you to be able to satisfy the any in this two demand only, achievable brushstroke traded, namely you also have " patronage person " . "Patronage person " level is a decisive phase, he is the product that should try you or provide service, if want to develop each other to concern continuously, need those who take care of good first time to trade namely. Of if first time buy cannot make a client satisfactory, the likelihood won't have trading opportunity the 2nd times. The client is to be being taken certain expect to come round to patronize, and by buy experience to form a few experience, these feel in case accord with, or the expectation that exceeds them, they are patronized likely again; What if place experiences is far as at the outset expect, the scope that patronizes again is very uncertain. The unpleasant experience that buys for the first time, can be the main obstacle that further concern grows.

In this one phase, the person that buy is in with the person that sell " trade " period. The client may notice the punctual sex of delivery, accuracy, with the quality of etc related goods or service and norms. As calculable businessman, these long-term to developing with the client concerns are very main. Should reward you so " patronage person " , you should be offerred for them a few additional, the actor value that exceeds their expect, give special treatment, favourable gift, or conclude a special shopping special case for investigation, they are consumed in you more, advantage is obtained more. If you turn over what its and use, ending but bad.

Two years ago, the invitation of the manager of a real-estate that I get Guiyang town gives him complete member do CS to manage groom, face guesthouse of class of a when when leaving, arrange in him 4 stars to dealt with settle accounts formalities to offend case such " disturbance " : The clerk blame with downstage at that time guesthouse says the guest drank the beverage in guest room freezer, by its the regulation must pay Zhang by him guest. A of this company deputy always explain to him, the guest is the company invites come, holding cost pays by the company, and the long-term contract client that the company is guesthouse, already had made imprest gold. But downstage clerk still nots comply not forgive, place pay " defend discipline example " appearance, insist to must want to do by guesthouse regulation. Be troubled by that all the time so deputy always paid Zhang with cash, at the same time terminative also till the contract with this guesthouse concerns.
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