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The job that hotel sale learns
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The job that hotel sale learns

Today's hotel is in management the demand problem that the first problem is restaurant. And the management that hotel sale learns to also can say even if study market demand is scientific. Its task is aimed at the demand situation of passenger source market to undertake administrative namely. So that better implementation restaurant manages an end. So a few kinds of states does the market nowadays have after all?

(One) negative demand situation and reverse sexual sale. Negative demand situation is show the guest does not like or detest a certain restaurant, intended escape buys the product of this restaurant. For instance: Some is big the hotel has two guests to be murdered inside inn, inside quite long time, guest not original intention goes this hotel consumption. Again for instance: The original hotel that collect abundant, cremation of a report is zero, incognito now for Hart business affairs public house is new after practice, still be the guest is few and few up to now, wanted to close again allegedly. This kind enjoys demand, be too bad really, below this kind of circumstance, hotel administrator is about to analyse the reason that the guest does not like. Improve service quality, will shape hotel image afresh with strong sales promotion step. Right now the sale task of the hotel is to reverse sexual sale. Reverse the boycott attitude of people. Make enjoy demand (not demand) turn into demand.

(2) without demand and excitant sale. Having demand situation is to show the market does not care to the product of restaurant, without interest. For instance: The big public house that builds anew, because the guest does not understand them, the person of patronage is very few, below this kind of circumstance restaurant must try to make consumer is interested in his. Exciting demand makes need not beg change to carry out excitant sale namely to have demand. For example: A few big public houses are used more before practice 5 fold a discount to attract consumer to be known in order to stimulate consumer. (3) potential demand and development sex sale are potential demand: Point to a client to the present yield on the market Lv or service cannot satisfy. Or concealed and the demand that disappear. (For example: Layer of firewood of a few labour is right high-grade hotel namely yearning to be fear of. Want to enjoy a few, be afraid that spending does not rise again, the money in the pocket is little) should understand demand of this one market in the light of restaurant of this kind of circumstance, develop right product and service to satisfy this one requirement, the example that development sex sale uses for example " the Great Wall restaurant of 5 astral class of Beijing, the strategy of development sex sale that faces labour firewood layer is rolled out above all in the whole nation. Roll out service of 5 5(55555) buffet. It layer of firewood allowing worker worker cannot spend a few money is OK that layer of firewood allowing worker worker cannot spend a few moneys enjoy in restaurant of 5 stars class. 5 5 it is to point to: Adult 50 yuan of one ticket after all random of 50 kinds of dish chooses wine water 5 lose children the 5 excellent services that change 5 stars course. Of Great Wall restaurant 5 five after the service is rolled out very popular.
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