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The turret of Shenyang restaurant should be repaired
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Chen Xiuqing of committee member of Shenyang city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference suggests to undertake comprehensive maintenance to Shenyang restaurant, in order to had protected the Russian type construction of this rare.

Be located in road of China of area of Shenyang city peace the Shenyang restaurant on station of 2 date, Shenyang looks not to have an eye, the outside a bit of broken cannot cause the attention of passer. It is this building of near hundred years however, once was in in March 2004 by Shenyang municipal government fair 佈 is " Shenyang city is outstanding modern building " . Relevant section describes its uniqueness so: "Regard Shenyang as city outstanding modern building, shenyang restaurant is had cannot replace gender and uniqueness. It is located in the heartland of Shenyang city, wait with residence of Lin of jade of Zhang Shuai Fu, soup, mirrorred the contrail that the society develops from a flank, it is the historical objective of rare. It is the historical objective of rare..

Chen Xiuqing's committee member still remembers Shenyang restaurant at the outset brilliant. "Count it at that time most air, if who goes Shenyang restaurant eats a meal, follow to go now 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers such restaurant is euqally complacent. " when the reporter came to Shenyang restaurant last night, see, damaged of the wall outside restaurant, craze of partial wall body, the door window that builds boreal side is short of break a lot of, is the foldout of some wood window already unripe? , have desquamation risk at any time. The Shenyang hotel corner tower with the most serious damaged looks have very how old break. Chen Xiuqing tells a reporter, break a pedestrian to prevent turret damaged to fall off, the building is outer scaffold was built 3 years ago, but still fail to maintain up to now.

At present Shenyang restaurant has contracted individual, the part of meal has cancelled, became hotel completely. Insider discloses, at the outset restaurant field and government had signed an agreement, take out funds every year to maintain damaged building, but because upkeep costs is huge, restaurant field cannot undertake maintenance project independently. Chen Xiuqing suggests to regard Shenyang as Shenyang restaurant modern the high-quality goods in fine architecture undertakes protective. In addition, the funds that protects cultural relic building and commonweal culture enterprise should bring into management of governmental finance budget, ensure its get fulfilling. Last night 7 when make, the reporter comes to Shenyang hotel corner tower downstair, build by turret went up frame. When the reporter asks about turret to will turn what into appearance, the watch of Shenyang restaurant member express not know the inside story.

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