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Beauty China hotel banqueting hall of 70 million face-lifting
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Investment surmounts 300 million yuan, banqueting hall enables a level ─ ─ that large face-lifting and fixed position promote beauty China hotel the project formally already now. The complete new packaging of banqueting hall reachs a style, already attracted many crossing country and this locality enterprise and medium orgnaization, take the lead in holding large conference and grand meeting hereat, consulate of World Health Organization, Sweden includes in the center, 10 thousand China limited company of media, telecast and commercial broadcasting station.

Look down at 9 dragon park reachs the beauty that moves feeling city China hotel banqueting hall, cover an area of even more 呎 of 20 thousand square, do not have the field of column roomily, can accommodate come more 1000 people, it is one of hotel banqueting hall with the largest area of complete harbor downtown, suit to hold regional conference and banquet of the talk that cross a state, business activity and business affairs to wait.

Zhong Huimin of general manager of beauty China hotel expresses, many Asian areas, include and other places of Hong Kong of down to of Macao, China, Singapore, Malaysia, the large conference that all is dedicated to striving for high spending in recent years reachs the business such as travel of talk, award, exhibition. To promote a hotel competition ability, reason this is beautiful China invest face-lifting banqueting hall energetically. After decorating, anticipate here the business of the respect will rise one times.

As economic free flourishing, zhong Huimin predicts, beauty China is on the business income of marriage banquet and business affairs activity, also can have not the growth of common.

She says, brand-new the banqueting hall of completion, it is project of hotel grading face-lifting the first footing. The public house is then big reach many dining-room public house in December the middle ten days of a month shows a person with brand-new and fashionable figure, dining-room of all guest room, auditoria, advanced Chinese and Western feeds then four, also will complete a project in succession at next year, promote a hotel fixed position and competitive capability in the round, induct more tall qualitative business affairs and disappear idle passenger.

To beg to the queen's taste, the hotel nots hesitate cost, sheet is project of banqueting hall face-lifting, already invested even more 70 million yuan, more invite so that come from the United States, ceng Wei is not little Euramerican the vogue that performs planning grand meeting of public figure of level of art bound hall and royalty member savours Great Master Colin Cowie, take up the post of the cerebra of whole plan, outline the design way of level of time going abroad for the hotel.

According to the aesthetic concept of Colin Cowie, banqueting hall gives priority to tone with silver grey color, fashionable and have noble energy of life. When guest pace takes place, it is a pure Bai Qingyi on the way, be like multiple wave shed beautiful unit, have dazzing effect.
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