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Go up situation is roaring annatto furniture is collected wave all the way red
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Before before long, a of Guangzhou old the city zone old steal curtilage, a hair nondestructive such as big electric equipment in house, did not see furniture of 5 acerbity branches alone only. Curtilage advocate accepting when interviewing, disclose, according to market price, furniture of 5 acerbity branches at least value is counted yuan.
This one case also caused more person to collect the attention of the market to furniture. So, look be like common acerbity branch furniture why the value is such tall, the furniture of old acerbity branch of period of bright Qing Dynasty wants every tens of 10 thousand getting on 1 million yuan even is really false, does the other annatto furniture on market collect value? Taking these question, the reporter visited Guangzhou antique market closes on the west.
Chrysanthemum pear wood every jins 1000 yuan
Go in antique market, can feel the heat that acerbity branch furniture collects clearly, what do not grow to one kilometer is street and optional be on two paces to be able to be encountered " buy acerbity branch furniture " fascia. Nevertheless, huang Dazhao of chairman of committee of major of furniture of Guangdong collector association tells a reporter, actually acerbity branch is a kind of annatto. Annatto is intertropical area legume what wingceltis belongs to lumber is appellative, the market heats up pear of the rosewood that hold in both hands, chrysanthemum to wait to be belonged to among them, their growth is periodic and special long, for common rare hardwood. Jiang Zhe and northward common say these wood are planted for " annatto " , guangdong takes a common to say " acerbity branch wood " , common somebody begs road of village of streets and lanes, country now those who buy is annatto.
In an antique storefront, the reporter saw one piece sets marble by what red sandalwood does 3 people chair is put in the most conspicuous position. The boss says, annatto furniture is made by carpenter pure handiwork commonly, the chair is not worn up and down a Tie Ding, and all joint agree together with wooden tenon, now, this is the market value of the chair 20 thousand multivariate, and in a year many before need only at present the half of the price, "If be the chair of period of bright Qing Dynasty, that is more more than this price, be together masterly craft and high timber combination, very difficult look forward to reachs archaic common people, so archaic annatto furniture is palace for use of an emperor more. So archaic annatto furniture is palace for use of an emperor more..
Huang Dazhao is in furniture closes to collect bound dip excessive on the west 20 one's remaining years, he says to the reporter: "Since the beginning of the year, the price of whole annatto furniture is turning over times upgrade to go up, go up the least 4 become above, especially precious tree is planted the furniture that for instance Hainan chrysanthemum pear makes has valence possibly now not to have city. " in his impression, annatto furniture is collected maintaining ascendant momentum all the time, but this year this prices " go up situation is roaring " , also make him only then makings do not, "Very old rate reflects the price of furniture to go up in its log makings, now lumber a month, even one on Monday valence, change is too sharp. Red sandalwood wood of India last year second half of the year probably 350 thousand yuan a ton, the beginning of the year of acerbity branch wood that approachs southeast Asia of 600 thousand; now a ton 40 thousand, also want now 60 thousand the left and right sides. The chrysanthemum pear that Hainan produces is Hua Limu is medium taste absolutely, should talk now jin buy, 1000 yuan a jin. 1000 yuan a jin..
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