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The maintenance of elevator manages
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The maintenance of elevator manages

The use of elevator used a space to offer for people development convenient. Of elevator gain ground, the prosperity that is a city again offerred advantage. But elevator also can malfunction, inconvenience is brought to people again when breakdown. Strengthen the maintenance management of elevator, make elevator removes trouble quickly, ladder of extensive telegram in reply moves normally, it is very necessary. Do well the administration that elevator maintains is built namely " the standard of elevator maintenance " run a system with corresponding elevator maintenance, ensure (elevator maintenance standard " smooth carry out.

One, the builds department of property company project elevator administrator of elevator maintenance standard, make according to the elevator circumstance inside national level and company area under administration " elevator maintenance standard " . When the attention establishs a standard, do not want and national level photograph is inimical. Some company is below make " elevator maintenance standard " .

(1) computer room

1 computer room is drafty, temperature is between 40 ℃ of 5 ~ , relative humidity is more than 85% , assure to do not have rainwater immerge.

The powder fire extinguisher of 2 computer rooms should maintain normal pressure.

The urgent rescuing operating rules of 3 computer rooms, note is all ready, hang in obvious point.

4 car make the same score a layer to indicate clarity is visible.

Door lock of 5 computer rooms is good, billboard clarity is hanged at conspicuous place.

Power source of 6 computer rooms, electrical outlet is good.

7 computer rooms do not get a person, should keep clean.

8 driving sheave are less than 2.0mm to the deviation of plumb line, chamfer of driving sheave rope and deviation of parallelism of chamfer of directive wheel rope are less than 1.0mm.

9 limiter of speed adjust place is due lead sealing, blame labor bureau professional prohibits adjusting.

Chamfer of 10 rope of limiter of speed, axle sleeve wear away inside limit (consult GB5972, unusual sound is not had when 86) moves.

11  limiter of speed, safe switch is agile and reliable.

12  limiter of speed - safe clamp - safe switch linkage is reliable.

The moving direction of line out of 13  driving sheave is clear.

14  each bearing is quick, unusual sound is not had when moving, temperature not prep above 80 ℃ , the job changes after 2500 ~ 3000h new oil.

15  conductor is isolated from between each alternate with and photograph ground good, ground connection of electric equipment crust is good.

Wave motion of voltage of 16  power supply is inside 7% limits of ± , inside 2% limits of ± of frequency wave motion.
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