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Clever decorate the space defending bath that decorates beauty
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Reasonable use the space that defend bath, clever arrangement article is in, you can detect originally extremely messy toilet is OK still so neat beauty.

Upper part installs ambry

In toilet, sit implement and wash one's hands the space of pool upper part is the easiest uncared-for. Can herein assembles a cabinet, buy puts the phyletic and various things that wash bath, your meeting discovery comes so, toilet not only neat a lot of, use rise more convenient also.

Lower part receives goods

Can will wash his hands the ambry of dimensional make it of pool lower part, receive a few ferial li of not commonly used article, wash one's hands the mesa that Chi Yanshen gives still can put the toilet soap, goods such as tooth crock. Turning point also can use what the corner is in to establish a canal to use store content ark is clever cloak, still can set many things beautifully, it may be said is kill two birds with one stone.

Do not make wall empty wear

Towel, toilet paper, hair dryer... go up please completely the wall goes. A few simple glass board hang Yu Bi to go up, with will put cosmetic.

Tonal depth is tie-in

To toilet tonal, the clean issue that should handle good colour and lustre only went. The proposal uses light color and brunet collocation, be like black, bottle green, blue-black feel more easily dirty, must cooperate white to use so.

Distribute a part

Advocate toilet should consider Wei Yugong commonly can all ready, if the area allows to be able to consider bath crock, strong drench, sit implement, lavatory, clean dish, dresser, conditional still can do wet departure. Want to design an individuation, reflect master interest. And the guest is considering to sit only with toilet implement, wash one's hands stage or installation are strong drench room, if the area is permitted, but will wash clothes the function also is designed toilet is used in the guest, in order to facilitate clean.

Neat and convenient

Area of wash one's hands and face and shower area want those who have a faintness to differentiate, avoid by all means is scattered, multifarious. The setting place of toilet and open direction are in with respect to the consideration the most convenient position, considering wet slippery characteristic, should nearby setting uses article and proper armrest surely.

Appropriate measure

The flank of tub and wall span not less than 50 centimeters; The fore-and-aft central line of toilet bowl is apart from wall span not less than 38 centimeters; Before paragraph the line is apart from wall span not less than 46 centimeters; The fore-and-aft central line of lavabo is apart from wall span not less than 36 centimeters; The appropriate between shower relies on corner setting.

Defend bath illume

General area is lesser between Wei Yu, but the function that should accommodate much, because this majority person likes,is bright light between Wei Yu. But washing bath is to enjoy halcyon hour, hope lamplight is downy, have so adjust the lamp of brightness is acted the role of suit Wei Yu most.
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