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Mi Bai is grey blue slow and quiet living room
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·What maintain a space with white, gray and downy rice yellow is relaxed.

·Ornament of qualitative article of the vine that should everywhere is seen, wood, metal, cotton is in a room useful and natural talent builds comfortable visual atmosphere character.

·What the furniture such as edge desk, recreational chair wants fine, light ability not to break a space is cool and refreshing experience.

·Take green environment seriously build the adornment that adds natural design appropriately.

Be in extremely the life that detail builds to change below brief fundamental key

Tonal arrangement turns into the one side wall of living room cream-colored color lets this space avoid the too drab, distance with the person to feel. The personalized details that living room added to read horn to make Ju Jiasheng vivid emerges clearly come out. The adornment that reads white furniture of horn to highlight the change that cream-colored metope brings to join a few coloring to guard and place make read horn to have rich, active temperament.

Article is tie-in modelling pole brief desk lets a space appear relaxed cup shape sits chair, floor lamp, desk lamp reveals the fashionable temperament that reads part. Sandbag of the gray below the desk brings more to the person that takes before desk comfortable the indispensable one place that the metope adornment that small adornment picture combines is expressional host individual character is decorated.

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