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Strategic brains---General manager manages 3 examination questions of the enterp
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The 3 gist element that intelligence quotient of the strategic intelligence quotient of general manager, leader intelligence quotient, management is challenge of his competency job.

Strategic intelligence quotient is clarity of stand high and see far of a successful leader, train of thought, dare fundamental; leads the make a decision, intelligence that gains a victory intelligence quotient is his collect intelligence quotient of the art of unity is strength, boldness and glamour; management is he is good at construction, essence at the program, on-the-spot experience and scientific accomplishment.

The strategy is the strategy that settles organization and external environment above all. The organization is in-house the effectiveness of all actions is ultimate be by exterior decision, constituent success meant it to comply with external development trend and need, for exterior creation value. It is isolated that at the same time this job is not undertake, it still needs to compete! Because this strategy still is meant,must face metabolic environment and the creative competition that appear at any time. Strategic task is direct company the victory is gained in competition. Wisdom of the look up before this needs what dynamic rich weichis. Alleged poor dissimilation is path of cunning of military strategist in ancient China actually. Innovation is advantage of strategic on the offensive, it is do with sb unconscious, avoid namely solid the ruse that attacks theory.

The 2nd element of thinking of trial management strategy is " product " .

A lot of proprietor of an enterprises are regard product generator as oneself prevenient, the strategy is to serve as the follow-up method that saves his. They regard the congenital ability of the enterprise as ground of product of course, it is the product that produces a course, it is the reason that the enterprise exists.

This is the thinking mode that lacks strategic wisdom badly. Competing especially industry of product of intense fashionable consumable, artwork, hi-tech, luxury, there is rich mental connotation in product value, these value are impossible to be finished on product line.

Surmounted dress warmly and ear one's fill when people, the metropolis in any consumption shows other drive demand. If the supplier cannot understand the hope that consumer expresses the product adequately, so the innovation of the product cannot is opposite the deepness demand that accepts customer.

Operator can show level of its strategy thinking to the understanding of the product. The product is the solution of consumer! The design idea that says a product well and truly comes from the demand of consumer substantially, it is consumer designed a product. In the heart that this meant the design thinking of division of successful company products plan to had entered consumer, he stands in consumer angle to thinking. He understands themselves more than consumer even.
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