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Alley hotel: Invite a guest " cry " move leave
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"Live here we are very optional, resemble same, still can experience traditional Beijing to taste, this is to stay in what other public house can not enjoy. " Alec of British knapsack guest sits after near the sea carefree ground plaints on the cany chair of hotel of a siheyun. He already lived here a week, fly to Guangzhou from England, went to Shanghai, go to Beijing again, most those who let him hate to part with still is here.

As the drawing near of the Olympic Games, guest room of hotel of each big star class tightens Beijing spruce, accommodation supplies the market very hot. The superexcellent chance that this also gave alley hotel a new force suddenly rises -- taste with the Beijing that distinctly all the way popular, let while passengers are saving expense defray, what can enjoy former juice raw ingredient more is old Beijing civilian lives curtilage. This makes domestic and international tourist thick as hail.

[know current affairs and be born]

Will bring infinite business chance to Beijing 2008, to hotel industry character, a height of guest room demand that does not encounter for years has come. Investment of famous public house serves an orgnaization -- statistic of group of hotel of travel of intermediate quantity couplet shows, the hotel of above of 4 stars class of Beijing new start business amounted to 13 2007, add guest room newly 4005. Sweet case lira, Suofeite, 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers, Hilton, the high-grade hotel market of Beijing is entered before brand of famous public house drove all international 2008 almost. And 2008, will have start business of 18 advanced hotels, add guest room number newly to climb peak, amount to 7112.

But those who seize BOCOG government is conservative forecast, during Beijing Olympic Games, foreign tourist may be amounted to 600 thousand, and domestic audience total number also will be amounted to 2.25 million - 2.58 million person. Came on August 8, 2008 during August 24, predict to everyday at least 400 thousand person lodges in Beijing. Have with Beijing add those who build to add up to 800 hotels, although on gross enough satisfies accommodation requirement, but the administrative levels of accommodation establishment feels not very bright.

As a result of this, alley hotel sads timelily to be born however, the Beijing taste that has individual character alone by right of its the eyeball that attracted partial tourist, grabbed business chance, with weathy luxurious hotel tycoons cent has Olympic Games guest room this big cake.

[those who sell is flavour]

Alley hotel just as its name implies is the hotel in alley, give a nature to go to the lavatory without the inn on street face, but this is the excellent place of essence of life that hotel host locates for alley hotel. The Beijing alley that alley hotel aims to be a guest to build a the purest nature tastes, the guest that invites inn has the sweet feeling that returns the home. The inn of alley hotel normally very small, advocate hit kiss and card, pursuit individuation, not be very those who commercialize run way.
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