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The path of the management of European restaurant
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The path of the management of European restaurant

The integral level of management of European restaurant wants prep above our country, be in especially the following respects, I think to be worth study of our home restaurant to draw lessons from.

The scientific sex of the mechanism

This problem behaves the droit in restaurant to go up above all. An any restaurant of Europe, belong to or a few natural people are all, they invest the purpose of restaurant to make money with respect to seem, and make money to must handle affairs according to market rule. But restaurant of door of our country greater part is the state-operated restaurant that be subordinate to belongs to all trades and professions, belong to the whole people all. Some original intention that build hotel are not to make money, do reception investor to there is no lack of its person. Different investment goal, brought about different leader behavior. Restaurant owner of Europe checks gain only to general manager this one result, general manager gives larger right space on administrative process. And the ranking leader of our state-operated restaurant, take the management of opposite Cheng seriously especially, the important matter petty thing that the hotel runs must report of ask for instructions, await give an official, after many setbacks, business chance is early missed.

Next, on mechanism of choose and employ persons, the general manager of European restaurant is professional handler, they have better culture inside information, it is the graduate that restaurant runs professional school commonly, have a lot of professional knowledge not only, and be mostly from restaurant most basic level post works rise, familiar restaurant is departmental skill of the moving link of the door, operation, have the professional state of mind that has deep love for industry of He Zhongcheng hotel. The team of restaurant general manager of our country, from look on the whole, of dispute professionalism: Some by restaurant builder remain in office, have a plenty of what change his profession by other industry, most person is engaged in restaurant management previously, had not accepted the systematic education of restaurant management, it is hire lends the experience that accumulates in other industry mode only, the essential gender gap that this should be our country restaurant and European restaurant management.

The rationality of the design

The management of a restaurant, it is actually began from optional location and design. Because of the visual impression of its located this situation, appearance, the science of internal composition is reasonable, it is one of element of management success. The design concept of European restaurant, the equitable distribution of special pursuit structure. Be like the Paris Bag - Nalet that I enter in French the Parisian, its guest room toilet and cent sets wash between gargle: Open the door, left is toilet, right is almirah, this is one person area; Living room and wash another area is formed between gargle, separate with the door among. Such area differentiates, decreased to be the same as mutual interference of the guest. Be like again: Restaurant has been entered in me in, do not have our home restaurant is capacious in that way and what swing for nothing is big, but big sets each characteristic public house of every restaurant. Our home restaurant is common the style that values old hall and illuminative are luxurious, and reasonable to the science of layout take seriously insufficient. Commonner problem is, too small or the toilet of public section is too little, often bring inconvenience to the guest, special without employee toilet and special elevator, employee and guest contention toilet and grab by elevator phenomenal everywhere is visible; Without group baggage passageway, in passageway of old hall baggage, assemble and unassemble in old hall doorway baggage, already block up traffic does not reserve again of furniture and goods and materials deposit a place, the fire control passageway of some restaurant became storehouse to wait a moment, these problems give operator brought difficulty, affected the integral level of management of restaurant directly.
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