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What multinomial eye manages is artistic
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One, good administrative mechanism

Be aimed at current company (immature) , administrative mechanism needs move ideas to make appropriate, sound system, adjust stage by stage best (suit him company most)

2, when the organization implements many projects, the support of the project manager of each projects and ability also are affected great.

"Good project manager chooses right project. " that is to say, a two-way relation is between project manager and project, good project manager begins in the project before, also can undertake an analysis to the project, judgement project is right, whether can carry out finish.

When allocating project and project manager with respect to need so, have a consideration more, whether do project type and project manager type match.

3, of oneself ability rise

Of oneself government ability the key that rising also is success of multinomial order government.

1, in project management, want to have oneself time government above all.

You need apace to decide you want to do what and you to have how many time. It is actual and OK to have a look at you above all how many time is being spent on each project is very useful. Word of this appraise computation is needless very accurate, want to be able to make you and project are in charge of reference discussion OK only.

2, the lien force that considers a project.

When you face many projects, decide you want to do what and going doing with what order is very important. The item that picks you simply to like merely pays close attention to only at this one project it is otiose. Need anatomize ensures each project achieves the strategic goal of the company here.

Still conduce to the project in dealing with a project to undertake changing to the understanding of lien benefit concept. Had the idea of lien benefit, can see what is the most pressing, what request to repeat somewhat, and what request will be replaced by the other request around it.

3, working job sort

Because make much time, the project is across stands side by side undertake, because this should ensure the task of each project by appropriate and reasonably sort.

"I had seen a lot of project managers running to run between project and project, catch everywhere help straw. each project explicitly the working job that fractionize is OK managing and its correctly sort, this is very necessary. " Zang Hongming expresses.

How working job Where is reasonable sort? Can establish a many projects check watch, it can help the working case that be gotten effectively and reports all items.

4, the working technological process that brought reasonable clarity at the same time to the good management of multinomial order demand.

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