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High end prints equipment to aid a hotel to promote competition ability
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"The job that 6 hours just can finish constrainedly before, want 3 hours only now but knock off; Previously, because print,often have a guest or the rate of duplicate file is slow or the effect not beautiful and offer an opinion to the hotel. Now, of this respect complain put an end to already completely, these all the high end of profit from modernization prints equipment. " mention this " new weapon " , the affection of the excitement of manager of king of business affairs center that Shanghai exceeds hotel of 5 stars class some is in overtones.

With hotel of other bit class, the business affairs center of this hotel, assuming not only enter a guest to print, the job such as duplicate, fax, each branches such as the banquet ministry that is a hotel even, meal ministry offer a file to export a service.

In director of center of this hotel business affairs Mr Wang looks, as exceed hotel of 5 stars class, if cannot give a client to offer to the queen's taste service, especially the facilities account as a result of business affairs center, bring about a guest to get convenient, quick, satisfactory service hard, the figure that can let a hotel sells at a discount greatly, the recessive loss that brings from this will be inestimable.

King manager tells a reporter, not long ago, this hotel undertook changing to the printing equipment of business affairs center. Those who pass product of to a few brands same level choose, the chromatic number of Fuji Shi Le is muti_function ApeosPortC7550I of machine of an organic whole and number are muti_function settle of ApeosPort750I of machine of an organic whole, ApeosPort650I this hotel.

Among them, of ApeosPortC7550I print, duplicate speed is color minutely 50 pages, black and white minutely 75 pages, resolution is 2400 × 2400dpi. Satisfied adequately enter guest and public house the business affairs demand of each branches.

After new facility mount a horse, the article of hotel interior imprints the job got huge is improved. King manager citing says, hotel meal ministry often rolls out new course to taste and banquet formula, need updates menu and winelist ceaselessly. Menu output has particular demand to color not only, and need is used have the artistic paper of certain ply, the character after fold does not allow fade, delivery time normally very pressing also. Previously, business affairs center cannot assume this kind of job that has higher demand to quality and time at all, meal ministry is forced to entrust major imprint Wu company will make, not only cost is high, still put in the inconvenience of a lot of and harmonious respect. Now, these problems all be readily solved.

The hotel books ministry and engineering department, it is two article imprint the section with larger amount, and file delivery time is slashing. In the past, once encounter,have main job, the black and white machine of business affairs center and color machine at the same time " open temper with fire " , even if is such, also go up via often can not following because of efficiency and affect a process, cause equipment trouble because of overspend sometimes even frequent, delay the job to return attaint facility already. Had the article such as ApeosPortC7550I to imprint after equipment, regard as before those " the job that finishs impossibly " , can finish easily now, the client is well-content.
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