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24K interlinks graph of hotel financing method: From stone bosomy capital arrive
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On January 28, day after day the Shanghai air cooling after heavy snow is biting. 24K international interlinks a hotel (hind call 24K chain) administrative layer must risk pluvial snow to work overtime however these days.

"Should drive inside two months to finish change. " the advisory lawyer Xian Yan that 24K interlinks tells a reporter. At present is finished as soon as possible change crucial to 24K chain, not only matter to strategic partner stone to rouse capital financing of 40 million dollar whether reach the designated position, also will affect 24K directly drive inside year go to abroad the pace that appear on the market.

A few days ago, 佈 of announce of chain of 24K of brand of Shanghai economy hotel obtains wind lapidation to rouse capital financing of 40 million dollar. This money will be used completely at the dimensions dilate of 24K, make its hotel amount is added from 6 current inside 2008 reach 20.

"This financing is conditional. " when 24K interlinks Liao Huiyong of brand chief inspector to accepted a reporter interview on January 28, introduce, rock beat capital is finished head period note endowment premise is in Shanghai Jin Guan company undertakes change and agree with sell one's own things 25% share. Here the condition falls, rock beat capital is passed note endowment 10 million dollar interlinks a hotel to undertake increasing endowment spread to 24K international. Achieve booked management index and profit goal in 24K at the same time hind, rock beat capital will be finished by the agreement the 2nd period amount is 30 million dollar note endowment, carry out abroad appear on the market, with enhancing the actual strength of the company further.

Accordingly, at present is interlinked to 24K for, finish as soon as possible change crucial. And according to 24K change plan, 24K will become joint-stock company by change of civilian battalion company, register fund literary composition to make public stockholder capital 60 million, 24K interlinks accuse a hotel of coronal of partner Shanghai gold to serve company and rock beat capital each are contributive 80 million, aggregate 220 million yuan. 24K interlinks a respect to express, at present this company is being advanced quickly change, predict to be able to be finished inside two months.

Since holding water 2004, 24K suffers all the time tired at capital pressure, dimensions of the hotel inside 4 years increased several only, for fast dilate, the investment Fang Ming of 24K invested administrative limited company to roll out greatly " rent join in model investment " financing means, caused illegal financing however suspicious; In addition, 2007 the end of the year, if the home holds 併 concurrently 7 bottles of stars, pull open the conformity big screen of economy hotel ahead of schedule, be exist or 併 be holdinged concurrently? Become the problem that 24K must face.

The research report of beautiful banner bank and CIR of market research firm points out, china economy hotel already was added by 1000 by 2006 in October 2007 reach 1475, future 3 will maintain to 4 years add fast, till hotel amount achieves nearly 4000. By what supply excessive dilate to cause intense competition will bring about industry of Chinese economy hotel to undertake market conformity, a lot of small-sized economy interlink a hotel to cannot live possibly, must undertake choosing in close down or be bought.
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