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Astral Ba Kecheng grows decelerate to exhibit inn to put delay
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Buck of star of bibcock of industry of global coffee chain launchs the first revitalizes plan picture operation of make known to lower levels of Xiao Ci of this company CEO, announce to exhibit the whole world inn-keeper number to decrease 350 completely, shut the American retail sales of 100 management not to be pooh-poohed at the same time, and stop the hot sandwich breakfast that carry out flavour can disturb coffee aroma.

In this coffee giant tone falls two years to profit is forecasted and announce this company battalion after the worst quarter on carry history is the same as inn sale, xiao Ci says Buck is in the star to be searched carefully how to apply " section of the market is lain between " before strategy will attract the customer that cares about the price, will consume.

Xiao Ci expresses to media, " the fact is, consumer body is in depression in. " Buck already began the star to hold base camp Xi Yatu concurrently to try the coffee that sells a cup of one dollar at this company birthplace, carry out free add cup to partial commodity at the same time. Xiao Ci weighs the CEO Shuai Yin of Buck of control heavenly body this month. The share price of this coffee giant dropped last year more than four.

Xiao Ci says, astral Buck won't be engaged in any meetings weakening it to hold price value of the position to fold caustic in costly market place. Nevertheless Xiao Ci points out, this company is writing an eye to go out at creation " section of the market is lain between " will attract new customer, resemble guest person car rolling out C series and collect husband Lao Lun to roll out CHAPS brand.

He expresses, buck will be in the star carry out stops to heat up sandwich breakfast before the bottom this year. This company rolls out sandwich breakfast before two years in order to help tall sale, hope the client need not need the breakfast with Mcdonald's mixes the coffee of astral Buck accordingly. But since sandwich in the star Buck leaves after selling, xiao Ci makes a bad taste express to be deeply concerned in inn to sandwich, and the comment shows astral Buck does him so that resemble a fastfood inn.

The face is fatigued and weak to consuming defray the pressure that rises in price with commodity, the person that major large meal interlinks course of study is thinking method attracts a client to come. Buck plan paints the heavenly body American retail sales will add 1175 completely this year, relatively this company earlier beforehand 1600 shrink of appraise. This company will put out the American retail sales of 100 management not to be pooh-poohed, far relatively in last few years number of close down home increases. Buck still will offer the bit this year more and overseas retail sales, the net number that add the home is 975, exceed former 900 of compasses picture. This company overseas relatively the problem that does not have market saturation.

Depend on thirty days ended in December first quarter, the star rises of Buck only with inn sale one, it is the lowest since this company appears on the market the stock from 1992 the sales figures that be the same as inn. Among them, the sales figures is the same as inn that this company is in the United States at glide first quarter one. This company is moved fall the money of two financial year is measured, anticipate annual every profit growing rate only summary prep above one.
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