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Invest high-end hotel: Hopeful in the beard is careful
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"World luxuriant mode " VS " mode of garden of green jade laurel "

Come nearly two years hotel development becomes the upsurge that sweeps across real estate. The world is garden of laurel of luxuriant real estate, green jade, accrete achieve exhibit, group of rich force group, share of financial market, sunshine, roc glad, be in charge of today ground of buy of group, greenbelt group, Hua Run all already sortie among them. Landed tycoon favors almost all of one suit is the high-end hotel such as 4 stars, 5 stars, be in charge of today the group nots hesitate even heavy gold is in 3 inferior seaside contest gets hotel of 7 stars class to use the land.

High-end hotel has two kinds of typical development pattern.

One kind can be called " world luxuriant mode " , development business is dedicated the 5 stars hotel that becomes independent at development. Eye preexistence luxuriant already was developed in Shanghai and 4 are amounted to in the public house of 5 stars class that build, the company came from 2006 rent the turnover that reachs a public house to amount to 178 million yuan, grow 373% than 2005.

Another kind can be called " mode of garden of green jade laurel " . Because much grail is developed, because this is adopted " residential public house " mode, high-end hotel belongs to establishment of form a complete set already, promoted residential grade again. The company signs up for exposure in this year, altogether of group of garden of green jade laurel should become public house of class of 17 5 stars.

High-grade hotel rental rate falls slightly

Real estate old man changes affection high-end hotel, there is good reason for it.

World luxuriant strategic transition is to suffer effect of macroscopical adjusting control, the purpose depends on " the risk that reduces market wave motion or policy to adjust " ; Additional, high-end hotel can bring persistent cash to flow for landed enterprise, and still can bale later issue REITs, for instance this year March, so-called " estate of first hotel of Hong Kong invests fiducial fund " plute industry is fiducial in Hong Kong advocate board hang out one's shingle.

From the analysis on hire level, since 2004, the day room price of Shanghai high-grade hotel appears to rise situation continuously: Hotel of 5 stars class by 1177 yuan of 2004 / sun rises to 1406 yuan of 2006 / day; Hotel of 4 stars class also by 587 yuan of 2004 / sun rises to 659 yuan / day. This kind goes up an indication investment risk is lesser, but also do not have sudden huge profits but character.

In macroscopical economy growth lasts high speed grows " hind WTO " period, because rich of more frequent, world meets activity of Shanghai international business affairs,wait for good factor of a few big profit, the house price of high-end hotel returns what will keep stable to add fast.

Think from rental rate, hotel of 5 stars class by 2004 76% fall to about 73% 2006, 4 stars class criterion by 72% fall to nearly 67% . Rental rate falls mirrorred the market to supply from 3 years before be close to a balance to evolve to be offerred somewhat at present beyond, the reason basically has 2: It is hotel guest room is supplied be in with rapidder rate growth. A large number of these two years of Shanghai new guest room invest battalion fortune, new 2004 heighten carries a hotel 9 the home, guest room 2065; Add 12 the home, guest room newly 2005 3313. 2 it is hotel room price rises go up faster, checked the part consumes demand.
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