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Mail fastens assets of one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five t
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1 contractive battlefront: 400 hotels group by group sell one's own things

On March 22, 2007, 30 hotels in assets of complementary line of business of company of Chinese postal group, in Shanghai bourse of associated property right hangs out his shingle sell, stride " in mail is " complementary depart, complementary course of study changes wine merchant the first step that make. 30 hotels distributing at the whole nation 17 provinces, area, city, among them 4 stars class class of 13 the home, 2 stars reachs level of 4 the home, SamSung the following 13.

Ever since a few months, lin Wutong of Malaysia wealthy businessman, famous overseas Chinese is familial twice contest buys the Hong Kong outstanding finance that the palm controls to fall, aggregate buy 16 public houses, employ capital 300 million yuan of RMBs, enter outback hotel field thereby. This company plan transforms these hotels for intermediate business affairs interlinks a hotel. End at present, "Mail is in " the rate picking a brand of 30 hotels that first appearing on the market is 80%% , offer excessive price highest for 27%% .

The 2nd batch of 60 home public houses that hang out one's shingle distributing 56 areas that are in 24 provinces, area, city, among them 4 stars class and above class of 12 the home, 2 stars reachs level of 5 the home, SamSung the following 43. Bourse of Beijing property right expresses about chief, so large-scale hotel kind complementary estate assets sells, achieved domestic record.

All the time since, compose and company of hotel investment management are opposite large scale computer of domestic and international much home " in mail is " the hotel is very interested, but at present, buy the home and intent to buy a majority to return " still hold the lute in the arms half block face " , besides Hong Kong outstanding finance, interlink company CEO Sun Jian to express clearly to once arrived like domestic public house only " in mail is " the hotel has looked, but because a variety of reasons are done not have,conclude later.

According to financial department of company of Chinese postal group vise general manager, advocate Ren Yongxin of vice director of office of complementary depart reform introduces, "Mail is in " the hotel has many 400, asset total dimensions exceeds 10 billion yuan. China is postal will according to " exit as soon as possible, no longer self-supporting; Accelerate dish of work, normative operation; Pace of active and reliable, cent is carried out " principle and " mature a batch, roll out a batch " train of thought, on the foundation that sums up experience of first hotel of sell one's own things, before striving to be by 2008, 400 hotels in installment group by group all sell one's own things. He emphasizes particularly, the hotel is Chinese postal asset dish vivid Chongzhongzhi is heavy, the influence is worn whole advocate complementary depart works, but China is postal already was determined to contract battlefront, quit complementary job stoutly.
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