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Reason holds tendency of the market apartment of astute investment public house
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The gold that henceforth is development of hotel type apartment two years period, the Olympic Games is held, these two elements stimulated the lag effect that adds world trade the demand of this share market. Additional, the growth of overall economy and foreign capital bank are entered in great quantities be stationed in the stimulative function with also rise particular. Accordingly, hotel type apartment invests a project into what pay close attention to nearly two years most for people. The demand of investment major level to market of house of sex of other and average household is higher, need is provided thinking, right tendency of the market holds the consumptive action with stronger capability.

A sector of an area is the first element

Compare with the meaning photograph that a sector of an area stresses in traditional estate market, product of hotel type apartment is more strict to the requirement of a sector of an area. From hotel type apartment enter passenger source level to look, basically be administrator and personnel of domestic and international business affairs, technology personnel, its are not settle for a long time, and have higher welfare subsidy, because this meeting considers an option,hotel type apartment serves as his to live place.

To such client group, convenient its are paid close attention to. Make aperient nimble, living convenient, recreation business affairs is convenient, convenient made convenient major idea etc, and such as this a variety of convenient all depend on the project is located a sector of an area. Join the section of gold business affairs of aperient benefit, of employee of foreign enterprise and foreign nationality, other place collect area of going from place to place, hotel, commerce and recreational industry form a complete set develop mature mart, be sure to become the heat area of angle of investor of hotel type apartment.

High quality it is precondition

Narrate before no less than, the person be entered of hotel type apartment is orgnaization of foreign enterprise, foreign country and domestic and international enterprise commonly senior administrator and business affairs personnel, its have higher administrative levels commonly, often come in and go out to be mixed at high-grade living community hotel, all have higher demand to products plan and product configuration.

From the point of products plan level, investor should avoid to choose the overmuch and similar product pattern inside same area, the economy that should pay close attention to a product is practical, choice room layout is compact and agile, the product with the communal little area of amount of indoor and inactive space, apportion.

From the point of product configuration level, investor should pay close attention to elevator, air conditioning and other Electromechanical equipment and furniture and decorate material, decorate the detail problem such as the design, like elevator, furniture and other Electromechanical equipment should be entrance brand, air conditioning had better be system of central air conditioning, decorate material and decorate a design to all need to have taller international famous degree etc, thereby the need of life of the person that satisfy with nicer gift and savour demand, the rental rate that ensures its are taller on one hand, hold the value keeping a cost with higher property on the other hand, achieve the ultimate goal that its protect value rise in value to realize investment redound thereby.
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