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Invest hotel of property right type: Be regale or nightmare?
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Although the question is great, but suffer stimulation of numerous nice element, the prospective investment prospect of hotel of property right type still can be used hopeful will describe. Should go vacationing to become China with recreational travel brighter and brighter beautiful scenery line, this one new property form also begins hotel of property right type to develop flourishingly in China. This added the investment variety of a lot of individual investor not only, and the investment concept that also changed investor and investment means. So do this invest hotel of property right type newly is what can the product become investor gluttonous big eat?

Trustful crisis

After investor buys the guest room between the some of the hotel, hotel of property right type does not live in the hotel certainly namely, entrust guest room hotel management company to rent however, get share out bonus of guest room profit, the certain term that wins hotel management company to give at the same time enters advantageous position freely. The public house of property right type with current international has 3 kinds of kinds roughly: It is when authority hotel, have the right that restricts periodic to use hotel guest room namely; 2 it is the residence hotel, the hotel can be entrusted to manage first after investor is bought namely, the guest that turns to live for a long time for oneself to proper time resides the residence; 3 it is investment hotel, regard investment as behavior namely, year after year obtains conventional get one's own back, expecting appreciation to reclaim investment.

Hotel of property right type has 3 features commonly, one of, owner has hotel independence property right. Investor but lump-sum payment or in installment or mortgaged means gets property right, own property, but without right of administration. The 2nd, hotel type manages. The one sort that hotel of property right type regards a hotel as, provide all sorts of hotel type services, the Ju Qingjie that be like the home, send eat, wash launder content, wake a service up, and all sorts of hour serve, average administration fee is taller. The 3rd, hold <> concurrently live go vacationing with investment two kinds of functions. Type hotel can use property right to live already go vacationing, also can use investment. The redound way that hotel of different property right type offers also differs somewhat, if hotel of some of property right type offers fixed investment return rate, add partial hotel additionally to manage gain; Some are offerred live freely day of number; Some offer a hotel to manage gain only, do not provide other get one's own back.

Hotel of property right type gets like a raging fire in foreign development, but the development road that is in China is not even. 20 centuries 90 time, shenzhen introduced idea of hotel of property right type the earliest in home, after Hainan tightens therewith, 1999 the bottom takes the lead in China type of property right of class of the first 5 stars goes vacationing hotel " Nanhai is fabulous " hot spring recuperate goes vacationing the center is pushed to the market. Ever since, the amount of hotel of property right type begins to present geometrical progression to grow. Especially in last few years, in home a lot of big cities, if hotel of property right type appears like emerge. It is even in many cities, a lot of stopping delay is built old " half child " building dish in succession " suddenly turn hostile " go vacationing for property right type apartment of property right of type of hotel, hotel or super large family business lives property and general by dish vivid, make estate market one large window.
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