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Business affairs hotel is about to walk out of " careless root economy "
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From home hotel of the earliest economy chain " the star of bright and beautiful river " , appear on the market successfully to Nasidake " be like the home " , arrive again at present of economy chain hotel upgrade version " Chinese front courtyard " , while economy hotel is creating miracle of market of a chain of capital, also make clear afterwards " China makes economy " later, "China serves economy " tremendous progress latent capacity.

Economy hotel " vassal battle royal "

Economy hotel is controlled from 2002 begin to enter the market, entered fast hair exhibition period 2004, among them Shanghai is the market with the mainest brand of economy of be pregnant with hotel. During, "The star of bright and beautiful river " and promising young person " be like the home " after chain hotel dimensions achieves a hunderd schools, all appear on the market successfully.

The core competition ability of economy hotel is the establishment of standardization and substantial price. At present the market does not have the price level with economy specific hotel, generally speaking, 200 yuan of house price of the left and right sides are the market can susceptive is reasonable the price, compared with general SamSung class the following guesthouse is in mask of sexual price example has an advantage. In addition, economy hotel uses chain strategy, and complementary with " call center " , " the network books a center " the sale shift that waits for contemporary service line of business, than the tradition of monomer guesthouse of class of one star, 2 stars has taller guest room rental rate and profit margin. Accordingly, economy hotel just was in what domestic occurrence rudiment attracted all sorts of global investment to enter.

The reporter understands, be in at present home besides by course of study inside accepted " like the home " , " bright and beautiful Jiang Zhixing " , " Mo Tai 168 " brand of 3 a gleam of (all be born in Shanghai) outside, still include to have the United States to invest setting " Gelinhaotai " , " 7 days " and civil aviaton company invests " Shanghai Airline holiday " wait for the second line brand that has certain dimensions, these brands also are intensifying horse race encircling the ground, swarm into the market in great quantities.

In the meantime, international brand " fast 8 " hit greatly in China concessionary management brand, those who use domestic monomer is medium small guesthouse hope can be built on " economy hotel " the psychology of concept of this heat market, send its money greatly.

Brand business affairs interlinks a hotel still rare be short of

The high speed that compares economy hotel is outspread, be in in market of hotel of upright business affairs still is a new scope of operation however.

The reason in analysing its, the expert thinks, chinese market has fasten the market at the United States and Europe, euramerican market basically is the middle class is consumptive main body, and domestic market is to just solve the comparatively well-off citizen of problem of dress warmly and ear one's fill to give priority to, consumption is tremendous, but can susceptive value is inferior, the expert says for " careless root economy " . Below such premise, intermediate the development certainly will of hotel of business affairs chain should lag behind at economy hotel a few years.
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