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Golden hill restaurant: Hotel brand is benefited consumption upgrades
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The core that invests a proposal is logistic

Golden hill restaurant basically is engaged in restaurant of hill of former Nanjing gold hotel of 5 stars class runs business, golden hill restaurant is the whole nation that holds water via approval of the State Council one of restaurant of first travel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, in April 2006, the domain of global service line of business that has the honor to win world brand lab to issue is highest award  " award of 5 stars diamond " . In November 2006, once more by magazine of international tourism authority " business travel " judge for " hotel of Chinese optimal business affairs " . Growth of prospective company outstanding achievement manages oneself of main support hotel outstanding achievement to rise, chain of substance of yield, hotel runs line of business of Jin Ling buy, collect capital project is waited a moment.

Industry perspective

1. develops prospect

2. competitor and competitive state

3. is right the good luck of the company and menace

4. industry dogs key

1, develop prospect: Number of home of restaurant of countrywide star class achieved 13378 2006, grow 13.1% compared to the same period; Number of guest room of astral class hotel achieved nearly 1.46 million, grow 9.5% compared to the same period, the hotel is supplied pick up somewhat, and in the near future, our country hotel is supplied will still go up considerably raise, meanwhile, in the abidance of domestic economy and dweller income structure of growth, consumption upgrades the stimulation that waits for an element strongly issues desire of initiates dweller go on a journey, hotel demand will appear high speed growth, and add fast will ambitious supply at the hotel add fast. This highlights report to be in in recent years average per capita year number of guest room of astral class hotel declines apparently (travel with home namely and enter a country growth of travel total number is compared, growth of year of guest room number of astral class hotel is apparently slow) , rental rate and REVPAR all have relatively rise substantially on. In this kind driving demand is propped up below, hotel industry boom will still continue to rise.

2, competitive state: After our country joins WTO, international hotel group quickened the pace that enters Chinese market, the pattern that domestic and international company competes is inevitable. Although at present group of foreign brand hotel almost hotel of class of forestall fast star runs the market, but as in recent years a few native land hotels such as restaurant of hill of share of bright and beautiful river, gold manage a company to strengthen the construction such as brand, network, talent, management ceaselessly, already also had the competition ability that comparative, enter home market in the round as the group of international brand hotel such as intercontinental, 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers, predicting future hotel, especially hotel of fast star class, the competition that runs business also will more hasten is intense.
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