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08 Olympic Gameses carry real estate of business chance hotel " bayonet sees red
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Capital floor city does not lack heat, this word gets test and verify again this year. After experiencing real estate of the residence, commerce to heat up, heat of hotel real estate comes over once more. Face the business chance that the Olympic Games brought 2008, hotel real estate begins to undertake warm-up ahead of schedule, include the domestic and international well-known trademark such as intercontinental, Hilton, Li Ci, Suofeite to extend antenna Beijing in succession each target area.

Capital of hotel property race to control

Be located in on east the Dong Sixing on the sunshine of the area hotel of class business affairs will at 51 before seal a top, use overall before Beijing Olympic Games investment, this hotel will manage a group to be in charge of managing by world famous public house. The near future, the real estate that enrol business also announces, the plan invests 400 million yuan or so, in Bai Jiazhuang plot develops hotel of class of a 5 stars; International of sea of extensive of grail of 1 million square metre also planned inside community astral class hotel.

According to what Dai Deliang published recently all right the market reports first quarter, show 2008 before the Olympic Games, beijing will have 9 new 5 stars form the hotel is thrown in succession use. Dai Deliang invests department director Cao to read aloud a country to forecast all right: 2008 before the Olympic Games, the amount of Beijing hotel will be added from 700 by 2006 reach 800, the 3 hotel rooms to 5 stars class will be added from 85 thousand reach 100 thousand after 2008; The hotel of Beijing is rental this year rate general from current 69% add to 72% to 75% .

High income is aided turn capital hotel line of business

"Hotel of domestic and international brand drives straight in, develop with domestic economy closely related. " when the situation that analysing a new force suddenly rises of Beijing hotel market, zhu Xiaodong of limited company vise general manager represents industry of buy of Beijing silver-colored peaceful. She thinks, economy of these a few years of China is annual the growth with two digit, cause height to take seriously all over the world, below such environment, hotel industry of China produces very big change, the development of hotel management company of the foreign country permeates second line city. The brand arrives from high-end a gleam of second line, even socioeconomic hotel, launch offensive in the round. The hotel is the mark with urbanization of a city, the mainest internationalization. Beijing is metropolitan change, internationalization process is in ceaseless aggrandizement, the latent capacity that the hotel expands is tremendous.

More important is, want arrival immediately the Olympic Games was opposite 2008 is the biggest turning point undoubtedly hotel real estate. Olympic Games around, beijing can have for certain many business affairs and take part in the match activity, attract consumer of high end of more world-class enterprise, whole world to emerge to Beijing, will present an unprecedented high speed to grow. But data shows, the hotel consumption that answers Olympic Games market at present still has those who comparative is vacant.
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