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Economy hotel churns the market, be challenged between costly mark
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Window of people net Qingdao on May 4 message:

Arrived before 51 wait for travel busy season, the guesthouse of insular city is booked can beg hard with one room will describe. But this year 51, as like the home, fast 8, the economy such as the star of bright and beautiful river hotel lands insular town, tourists are in 51 during what tickler is not any more between the standard that orders 200 yuan beforehand.

Come from Shanghai Miss Wang of green travel 51 during enter the public house is like the home near horn of peace and tranquility, 219 yuan every night she lets feel very economical between mark. "Although the room is a bit simpler, but compared with other big public house, those who be like the home is concise and clean can be a characteristic. Is choosing a hotel clean the first? The friend that connects Qingdao will look for me to play, also feel sexual price is compared very good, straight boast I am astute! "If downstage manager of the home tells a reporter, 4 branches that Qingdao is like the home are in early 51 before book entirely go out, just can be free till May 6 the room appears.

Opposite at economy hotel hot, a few medium-sized hotels still are free room. In a 8 hotel that close greatly, the price between the standard is controlled in 580 yuan, since May 4, available room appears.

Qingdao travel net is insular city room website is ordered on the largest network, annual 51 during, 13 phones that book a room ring ceaseless. Website Hou manager tells a reporter, from this year of 51 hotels book a circumstance to look, 200-300 yuan what the hotel books is best. "Take 8 pass the public house near scene area greatly for, before between the mark of 500 yuan of above very popular, and now, since May 3 the hotel asks our help recommends a room. "Additional, before 51 order a room to be controlled from April 10 begin to start, however this 51, the hotel of insular city books a circumstance is just warm up in succession later from April 25.

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