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The development of economy hotel overspeed is encountered " breakdown "
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Capital, management and brand become 3 big bottleneck, industry contain conformity buys good luck

Zhong Cai of reporter of negotiable securities times

Recently, be regarded as " sunny industry " economy hotel industry is appearing it seems that certain and delicate change, cost of industry experience property rises, the message such as worry of low price war sees ceaselessly all at signing up for end. And the newest findings report that seizes Chinese restaurant association shows, "Economy public house is average 2006 rental rate falls about 7% , price of average retail sales falls 119 yuan " , this is come several years economy hotel market appears first rental rate and retail sales price double drop.

Make the economy of a heaven and earth public house with low cost, in experience swift and violent development of nearly 10 years mixes was like the home last year (Nasdaq: After the scene that HMIN) appears on the market in the beauty is lively, experiencing arrival from overspeed developing labour pains.

Rocket type develops

In last few years, the development rate with economy annual hotel is splitting, share of bright and beautiful river (year of the star of the bright and beautiful river of 600754) share, practice hotel increase rate that waits for main brand like the home, Mo Tai differ for 14%-250% . Up to by 2006, if the home owns practice hotel in all 136, in build a public house 48. According to be like the home income will grow the battalion of 60%-70% to receive guidance 2007, open the hotel of 70% even newly this year. And the star of bright and beautiful river is to predict more 2010, hotel autograph makes an appointment with an amount to will amount to 600, investment runs more than 400.

Brand chain hotel is ceaseless horse race encircles the ground, brand of a few second line and also be in newly into the enterprise clutch occupy hill to be king. If *ST celebrates abundant (the star that hotel brand Xinyu interlinks below 600576) banner plans dimensions of set up shop achieved 50 2007, achieved 100 2008. China day hotel (000428) is developing economy hotel quickly, in black force (600138) also announced to march last year high level economy hotel.

In fact, the backside that rocket type develops is passenger source contention turn white-hot with each passing day. In the city of a gleam of with intense competition, than as above sea, rent on average lead downtrend especially apparent, business affairs passenger can feel retail sales price to drop apparently.

The worry of speed backside

Meanwhile, the cost advantage of economy hotel is disappearing slowly in this contention battle. As we have learned, economy hotel is given priority to with renting a form more at present, undertake transforming to dated school, workshop commonly, the cost that rent becomes his occupy in cost compare a the biggest, and the cost that rent has ascendant tendency. " findings report of 2007 China economy restaurant " show, the 3-5 that the hire of economy restaurant rose to rise in price for each district residence last year times, among them of Beijing, Shanghai go up on average in 40% above.
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